Update for Lineup help / recommendation


today we have released a larger update for the lineup help / recommendation page with the following changes:

  1. Support for extra substitute players (including smaller page layout changes)
  2. In settings  -> advanced preferences you can switch the ordering of the skills from
    Position: [Keeper] [Central Defender] [Wing Back] [Winger] [Inner Midfielder] [Forward]
    Skill: [Keeper] [Defending] [Winger] [Playmaking] [Scoring] [Passing] [Set pieces]


    Position: [Keeper] [Central Defender] [Wing Back] [Inner Midfielder] [Winger] [Forward]
    Skill: [Keeper] [Defending] [Playmaking] [Winger] [Passing] [Scoring] [Set pieces]
  3. Using the two slider below the players table you can fade out less interesting player’s skills and position ratings (stars) – similar to skill and position matrix

I hope you like the changes and wanna thank you for the continously support of hattrick youthclub. I really appreciate you are still here and be glad to welcome every new user 🙂


Hattrick Youth Player Careers (Twins light) / Version 9.0

Hello everybody,

as you all know Hattrick has removed the Twins for some time now. As you all know Twins were a great way to learn more about your players without manually revealing all max skills / potentials one by one.

Since the (official) removal of the twins we took over and over again a deep look at the new players and watched out for new patterns to identify twins. The bad news is that we could not identify a rule to determine twins as we could in the past. So Hattrick did a good job here.

But after applying some algorithms we observed some patterns in the data: We recognized that that are certain max skill combinations which does never occur, some does occur rarely and others often. And when thinking about it there is a good reason for it: Hattrick wants to ensure that over time the amount of good and bad players are equality distributed. They also have to make sure that there are not too many too bad or too good players and the the max skill combinations make sense, i.e. a good goalkeeper with solid playmaking is not interesting for the game, while high skill level combinations of playmaking, passing, defending and / or winger are interesting. To ensure to create interesting players Hattrick (most probably) uses some patterns to create them and the results of these patterns can be seen in our data.

Based on this “new” knowledge we implemented a new feature as replacement for the twins, called “Hattrick Youth Player Career”. We compare the max skills of your player with all players’ max skills and known patterns in our database and show different possible Hattrick Youth Player Career options to you. Different to the twins we can no longer tell you what max skills the player does have, we show you several options and chances. This helps you to identify skills which are most interesting to learn more about soon. You can find an example in the screenshot below.

Screenshot-2017-10-8 hattrick youthclub - Maximilian Brasche

We hope you like this new feature and are confident that it can be very helpful.

Every user can use the feature for free for one player – this user is specified by yourself by the first player’s attribute page you open a week (weeks start on Fridays at 0:00 HT-Time).

During the first weeks hattrick youthclub supporters (users who have at least one credit) can use the feature for free for all players. From November on you need to pay 50 hattrick youthclub credits / week to enable the Hattrick Youth Player Career calculation for all players – this is to ensure keeping this feature and hy running, since this feature produces an high calculation / cpu load on server-side. Please do not forget to disable the feature in Settings -> Credits when you do want to use it. As usual, by default it is on!

If you note any problems please report a bug on hattrick youthclub.


Hattrick International Teams in HY / Version 8.0

Dear users,

today, we are happy to announce the release of a new version of hattrick youthclub including international team support. Since I do not have an international team I was unable to test it myself 🙁 .Several (well chosen) users have tested it and gave me a positive feedback. So we are confident that most important things will work for international teams without problems. If you observe any problems anyhow, please feel free to report a bug on HY. There is a descent change that I will be able to test international teams myself soon and then I will be able to tackle possible bugs better.

As announced in the blog post before, we will ask for a fee for international team support. If you want to manage your international team in HY, we take a fee of 90 HY-Credits / week from your account. The fee is taken from your account during sync with Hattrick, so in weeks where you do not run the sync (for example you are on holidays/vacanies) no fees accrue. The fee is for covering the costs related to the implementation and maintenance costs for international teams. Thus you have to pay the fee regardless whether you have 2 or 3 teams as long as you have an international one. In comparison to the fees claimed by HT, HY fees are pretty low, so we are confident that when you are willing and able to pay platinum or diamand supportership in HT, HY fees for international team support is no problem for you (we talk about 360-450 HY credits per month, i.e. less than 1 EUR per month).

Thank you very much for being patient. Since I have a regular job I needed to implement in my free-time and due to the lack of beforehand information/access from HT, I could unfortunately not prepare much stuff.


International Teams and Twins

Hello everybody,

our first blog post for some time. Well, we haven’t post before, since nothing exciting happened in Hattrick’s Youth Universe and then (out of nowhere) we have different updates on HT. Let me start with the twins/clones and then continue with international teams.

Twins / Clones

For several seasons we were able to find twin players and profit from them. Hattrick allowed us to implement twin detection in HY. Now they decided that twins are a bug and no longer wanted. It is ok to us. Nevertheless we feel that HT has should announce changes like that earlier (at least to us), so managers and chpp applications are able to handle it appropriately.

In the consequence to the removal of that “bug”, HY will detect more and more fake-twins now. At some day all twins will be fake-twins, we will observe that and when then number of fake-twins is getting too high we will turn this function off. Please note that as soon we got aware about the removal of twins from hattrick, we put a note on several HY pages, to avoid that you top up your account for twin feature which will not work soon. Additionally we will release a new version of hattrick youthclub in the next weeks, were we will no longer charge credits for a twin search.

Hattrick said that they fixed that bug, but Hattrick can be sure that there will be many users looking for a new way to identify twins and we will look out for them as well 🙂 … keep fighting … 🙂

International Teams

Hattrick surprises us with the announcement of the international teams. Integrating that teams means for me (the single developer) a lot of work. After doing some analysis and the first steps, I can tell you that I am confident that I will be able to integrate international teams into HY. May some bugs will occur, but I think we can handle it. Several users already offered their help – thank you very much – we will come back to that if needed. I am working on international teams and I will tell you when it’s done. Right now there is no estimation when they will be available, so asking for it will not help 😉 .

Since more teams need more resources, implementing that feature is a lot of work and tackling all problems related to international teams will be hard (also after it is done), I plan to charge a weekly fee for everybody who want to manage an international team in HY. Fees in HY were and will keep low (especially) compared to HT, so if you are willing and are able to pay for international team on HT, the fees on HY will not kill you for sure! 😉

Some more information about my feelings:

  1. Unfortunately Hattrick does not give us any access to international teams before the official release.
  2. We were not able to test anything beforehand, but we had to implement a logic to avoid any problems for the point of time international teams are available in chpp-files of Hattrick (we were afraid to kill existing data!). Today we can say that all our preparations seemed to have worked fine, but the fact that we have no access beforehand keeps a shame.
  3. Another problem is that I (as chpp developer) do not get a supportership like the MODs, HTs, LA, etc… So I have to buy a diamond supportership (which I am not interested in at all!) on my own costs to implement the international teams in HY … Feels a bit wrong, doesn’t it? Summary: To enable hattrick users to manage their international teams in HY, a feature I will not use myself for sure and I did not ask for^^, I need to pay for a supportership. Dislike 🙂

As you can read, I am not a big fan on how the process on launching new stuff on Hattrick is performed by HT-Team. If CHPP Applications would be important to them I would expect some more communication and support. Basically there were no new functions for CHPP applications added for a long time – pretty demotivating.

I would love to enable you all to manage your international teams on HY, so you can be sure that I will try hard to implement it soon. Please be patient, we will report if there is an update!

Thank you all for your support!


Stamina in Youth Matches


today we wanna share our latest research results with you, regarding Youth Player Stamina in Youth Matches.

As we all know, Youth Players get promoted with a stamina of weak (4) to the Seniors. Additionally we have the following Statements from HT-Staff about Stamina: http://wiki.hattrick-youthclub.org/en/hy/ht-statements#stamina

LA-Ron__Manager observed that one of this players got less stars as usual in a match where he played for 120minutes. Thus, we have made a research and looked at the stars of players who played only one minute, 90 and 120 minutes and compared their ratings for the different match durations. We observed the following:

Players who played only one minute got a bonus up to 1.5 stars, while players who played 120 (or more) minutes, got a “penalization” up to 1 star, compared to the rating the player got in a match where he was on the pitch for 90 minutes.

Please take that knowledge into account, when substituting a player at the of the match to get his skills. The player who enters the pitch at the end of the match (i.e. playes only a few minutes) may will have a higher stars rating as “normal” (90 minutes match).

We hope this helps to you understand Hattrick Youth Academy a bit better again.

Ruben (Homer-Simpson) and Markus (Mackshot)

Version 7.8, Position Switches and Stars Rating in Youth


some time went by since our last post here. The main reason is that there not many (not to say zero) changes in youth academies on HT lately and that there are no youth related CHPP updates too. Without any updates from HT/CHPP there is not much space left for improving HY, we can just work on bugfixes or smaller improvements.

Today, we release a new version of HY 7.8 including a suprising change.

In the past there was the rule, that the stars rating shown for each single player for a match refers to the last position the player played on. Thanks to the help of different users, mainly Devillaricium (who came up with the observation that something is weird with that rule) and Camelmaniac (who made a small research), we now know that the stars rating refers to the second position the player has played on during a match (if there was a position switch; if there was no position switch, the rating refers to the single position the player has placed on of course).

From now on, in HY we consider that new rule and highlight the position the a rating belongs to on lineup-page by underscoring it. Please note that it may take some weeks until the new rule is applied for all players correctly.

From our perspective it is pretty surprising that this new rule was not recognized earlier, but we are glad to remove one more HT mystery.

We hope that this new knowledge helps you to understand some too low or too high ratings you hadn’t got earlier.

Ruben (Homer-Simpson) and Markus (Mackshot)

What had happened two weeks ago to HY?


today we like to explain what had happened two weeks ago leading to a one week HY downtime. (The same applies to ht-flagtools and cupmanager, because they are hosted on HY server!)

During the morning hours of thursday the 22th of January, we recognized some problems with our server. We saw two options: 1) killing a lot of processes and thus try to get rid of the problem or 2) simply restart the server. 2) sounds easier, but since we had not restarted the server for a while we were a bit frightened that may problems could occur, which could lead to a shorter downtime (30 to 60mins). Thus we tried to kill a lot of processes first. Pretty fast we come to the conclusion, that this might take longer as restarting the server and may does not fix the problem as well. Therefor we decided to restart the server.
As we still did not get any response from our server ten minutes after the reboot, we were already frightened that we might run into a smaller problem. We waited additional 30mins to be sure, that no file systems checks were running, no response at all. Then we rebooted into a session enabling us to see the screen of the server – you have to know, that our server is located in a datacenter in the area of Nuremberg and thus we do not have physical access to the server. We saw that the boot loader (grub) did not load the operating system, the reason was, that he did not found the filesystem on our hard drives. We rebooted into a rescue system and reinstalled grub – still it did not work. For an unknown reason grub could not found the filesystems or any software raid-devices, but we had loaded all neccessary drivers properly. Since the boot loader of the rescue system found both, we decided to install this bootloader to our system – still no success. We also tried to down- and upgrade to other versions of grub without success.

Since we were running out of ideas, we were working on a plan B. Plan B was to rent a new server and replace the old one. It is no fast and a more expensive resolution, but a working one. After several successless attemps to get grub working, we rent a new server and started installing the operating system and all server software. We took the opportunity and updated all software to the latest versions (which we had in mind to do for our old server soon anyway). By doing this the whole process got slowed down, but we have more stability and security in future. Each day after our regular work (and sometimes during it) we have worked many hours to install and set-up all the stuff resulting in a massive lack of sleep.

At the beginning of the following week our server was configured and we felt that we can be back online soon, but then we have observed some problems with the new server software, which we we able to fix until Wednesday. On Wednesday evening we had done a last test of all software (with some hy users) and it seem to run well. We decided to release on friday evening, because thurdays we were not able to watch out for the server (or even stop it) if a problem occurs. Since we were aware of the fact that a lot of people will login in the first hours when HY is back, I decided to announce that the server will be back online during the weekend and thus lowering the number of users in the first hours on friday to allow us to watch our for problems and fix them, before all people will harass the new server configuration and report bugs to us.

When we put the server online, 50 users were online within minutes. After 1h the first user posted on HT forums that we are back online and some hours later we announced it on twitter as well. Everything worked well but we are absolutely sure, that it was right to not announce when we were back online because in case of an error it might have ended badly 😉 .


We are pretty thankful to all kind tweets we got during the downtime! A few words about our backup strategy which might calm down the less kind tweeters a bit: We are running a full backup of HY site and database (same applies for ht-flagtools and cupmanager) each week and an incremental one every day.

We are also thankful to all people who have donated some money to us – thank you!

Special thanks to former HT manager exciler, who have helped us a lot!

/Markus (Mackshot)

Version 7.6


today we have released version 7.6 of hattrick youthclub.

With version 7.6 we release a new feature (visible on skill matrix, player attributes page and so on) called “max-max-skills” which derives the maximal possible potential (show as ≤ X.Y) of your players from the knowledge about their top3 max-skills. This information is shown in italic font style, please see the legend below the skill matrix! To get these derived values, simply wait for your next sync or sync manually to get a skill recalculation.

Before we have already released the following features:

  • We now show who got picked by ht as captain / set pieces taker during a match on the player’s attributes page, which means that the player has a relative high leadership / set pieces skill,
  • we show the total effectiveness of your training taking into account the current configured lineup on the lineup help,
  • we added web service which provides the u20 national team favorite players for senior national team trackers (right now only HT Portal Tracker does implement/use this web service),
  • we improved the relevance / usefulness calculation by taking the position / skill combination of the player into account as well (i.e. a high goalkeeping skill does not fit well with a high scoring skill), and
  • we added an option which let you show your skill matrix to anyone else by setting an access code via the “share” link on top of the skill matrix page.

We have also updated our english and german wiki (manual and detail pages) according to the latest developments in HY. We really would appreciate if others could take care on the other languages in our wiki!

We hope you like our latest features, let us know in the comments.

Thank you for using hattrick youthclub.

Ruben (Mod-Homer-Simpson) and Markus (Mackshot)

Version 7.3


with Version 7.3 of hattrick youthclub we release a couple of smaller improvements.

Already two weeks ago we have released:

  • When you promote a player we do check if he meets the requirements of Hattrick Portal Tracker additionally to HT-World Tracker, now. Thus you get an information if your player might be interesting for national team scouts.
  • If a player has a twin and that twin player got already promoted, then you can benefit from the information the other user got already, because your player does have the same and we do show the leadership and character attributes (honesty, agreeability, aggressiveness) to you. For some promoted twins these information are not available and thus can not be shown to you!

Today we release the second batch of improvements:

  • In our lineup help there is an drop down which you can use to load a saved lineup. Now you can also use it to load the lineup of a former match (if you have set the lineup for this match with HY).
  • When we had released our new sync (a long time ago^^) some people have complained about the fact that the resale sync takes too long, when you have a lot of sold players. We were able to fasten the resale sync by factor 3-4 (if you have many players).
  • We added details about the player speciality. Move your mouse over a speciality icon of one of your players and you will see the origin of this information. For a more detailed view, just click on the speciality icon and a dialog will open with even more details.
  • For our NT Scouts we have two (small) updates as well:
    1. For each manual added player, we show you if there are any (and how many) possible twins players available. This could be an good argument for the user to register with HY and to make it easier for you to get access to his data. Right now it is not possible to see the twins’ data. May it will be possible someday, but not too soon.
    2. The Scouts have the option to export (as csv, xls or xlsx) their search result, their favorites lists and their blacklists. In these exports we have added a column containing the time of the last update of the player information.

We hope you like at least one of these updates.


Version – NT Scouting

Hello national team / u20 coaches,
hello nt/u20 scouts and
hello all national team interested users,

during the last weeks we have worked on different topics in our national team scouting platform in hattrick youthclub.

Scouts can use hattrick youthclub to search for youth players who are candidates for the u20 or nt team. They can manage the players in favorites lists and keep track of them during their youth career. Thus they can help the owners to train the players in the best way for future fielding in nt or u20.

Scouts of  many different nations are already using hattrick youthclub to scout the players as early as possible. Some of them have contacted me and we have discussed different ideas how to improve youth player scouting in HY. Some of these ideas we already have implement and released in the last weeks:

  • character information in excel export
  • colorizing of skills known from twins
  • a table indicating the last match a player can be fielded in the u20 world cup

On the following topics we have worked lately and release them today:

  • In the past the u20 or nt coach had to define all scouts for a country. Now they can define a chief scout, who has the right to define the scouts for the country as well. With the start of each season the chief scout has to be defined again!
  • In the past the scouts were only able to work with players who are known in HY, meaning that they could only add players of users who are using HY to their favorites lists. Now they can also add players who are not managed in HY, but they have to make sure that they update the skills of the players themselves. The major advantage is, that the scouts can now manage all relevant youth players in a single list, there is no more need to merge the hy list with the manual list.
  • Additionally the scouts do now have the option to make their lists public and to show them to all managers in HT. They can configure who can access the list. HY managers who does not like that the private information of their players (skills, etc) are visible on the public lists can disable that. Of course HY managers still have the option to deny scouting access to their players at all.

We really hope that this will help the national teams with scouting in HY. If your country is not already using HY for scouting, they should definitely check it out. The importance of scouting in HY could be highlighted by the success of the nations, where many people use HY and the scouts are active, in the last u20 worldcups (http://www.hattrick-youthclub.org/site/worldcup).

Special thanks to manager Baumschubser (chief scout of Germany) and his team (especially BAB185) for being patient enough for discussing with me over and over again the whole scouting topic.