Let us work together in our WIKI

We introduced a WIKI some weeks ago.

There you can already find a manual in english, german, spanish and vlaams. You can also find a FAQ site.

Additional to these direct hattrick youthclub related content, there is a general Hattrick YouthAcademy Guide and some more information about CoachComments

Do you have any information about YouthAcademies you want to publish or do you like to start to collect some data? Feel free to start your own pages or edit existing pages!

Login to hattrick youthclub with your hattrick alias and security code and click on the WIKI link to login to our wiki. Then you can edit any post or start a new post, by changing the last part of the URL to the name of the page you like to create. If you have any questions feel free to ask in global forum. You can also find a Documentation how to use the wiki on the wiki itself. Have a look on Categories.

We are looking forward to your participation!

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