Rejected Players

Now it is possible to add rejected players to hattrick-youthclub, too.

You might be wondering how you can profit, if you add them to hattrick youthclub. You cannot profit yourself by adding them, but the other users can profit. If you add rejected players with their scout comments to hattrick youthclub other users, who pulls them into their youth academy, profit from the information you added.

We hope that everybody will add his/her rejected players, because then everybody have the chance to get more information about his newest players. Please also have a look on our video on youtube, where we explain how it works! Of course it only works for players who are scouted by users of hattrick youthclub and who inserted the information.


I am looking forward for my first player who was scouted by one of you before 🙂

5 Responses to “Rejected Players”

  • Ah ok, now i get the idea of adding rejected players.
    It helps to read sometime -.-


  • After watching the video I understood why it’s important. Count me in!

  • This feature is very useful, good work.

    Is it possible to display these rejected players, in a way that when the scout gives us a player, we can see if he was already scouted, and the comments he got from the scout?

    • This could be THE reason to use this feature. Maybe it is against the CHPP rules, but it would be great to see the available information about a player “before” reject or pull him.

  • @titico & tom:
    of course is this possible, but this is against the chpp rules.
    o think it is pretty obvious that this feature would be a killer-feature and you would have a huge advantage against the non-hattrick-youthclub user. i am sorry, this feature will not come and i would also not like to to create it, because this is definitly cheating 😉

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