Player search & Cooperation with

Now it is possible to search in all registered Youth Academies on hattrick youthclub for players by their name. You have to fill in the whole name to get a result. If a player is already promoted to senior squad you have to use the integrated search function.

We are very happy to announce a cooperation with HatCoach. If you are a user of you can find a new link on your navigation. There you find an option to get an overview about your youth team, as it is entered in hattrick youthclub. To grant access to HatCoach to fetch these data from hattrick youthclub, you have to set a second security code. This is possible in your settings on hattrick youthclub. This code is needed for the download of your youth data to HatCoach. HatCoach does show the Player-skill-matrix.

We hope that other tools like to integrate this feature, too :). We do provide more data than HatCoach shows currently. If you would like to see more, just ask for it ;).

If you like to see your youth data in other tools please ask the creator of the manager tool do implement it. We will grant access to everymanager tool, which has a CHPP license.

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