Maintenance downtime

On the 26th and the 27th of December will be one or two downtimes of hattrick youthclub. We scheduled the first downtime for the 26th at 17h HT-Time. We will redirect you during this downtime to the blog, where we will keep you up-to-date if there are any problems.

What is done during the downtime?

Our work is devided in two phases:

  1. We will reorganize some comments. There are two issues we will work on. The first one is related to newer research results. These results will find their way into hattrick youthclub. The second one is the category “skillup”. There are some no longer used comments, which need to be removed. When we change something on the comments, we need to change database entries and translations. This needs a lot of time, because there are a lot of database entries we have to change.
  2. In the second phase, we will install some server updates. A new kernel, apache and php version and a lot of other smaller stuff need to be installed.

We hope to need only the 26th for all maintenance work. But we expect to fix some issues, after all this changes, on 27th, too. There is no reason to be panic, when hattrick youthclub is not working on 27th, too :). If you are interested in how we progress, we will update this blog entry during the update a few times.

Update 26.12.2009 17:11h: Maintenance work had started!

Update 26.12.2009 19:45h: The first phase of the update is done. Now we are going to update the server’s operating system and the applications.

Update 26.12.2009 21:32h: All updates seems to went well. We are working on a small bugfix in webserver application.

Update 26.12.2009 22:56: The downtime ended a few minutes ago. The next hours/days will show, if everything went well 🙂

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