Player Avatars, Links to HT, Improved Match Sync


finally we finished our exams and we worked on hattrick youthclub :).

In Version we are proud to present some nice improvements:

  • Player Avatars, When you import your players, the avatar of the player is imported as well. You are able to see your players like on HT (if you are not a supporter, you can only see the silhouette like on HT). Use the edit icon to upload the avatars for players who were already added to hattrick youthclub! We do also show your team logo now!
  • Hattrick introduced their new load balancing system. We really like it, because it easy to link to hattrick now. We added a lot of links to If you are using another domain as you can choose it on your account settings.
  • There are several limitations, when you sync your match with Hattrick, because the CHPP support for matches is not the best. In the past we got a lot of bug reports, due to missing players. All of them were missing, because they got a red card or got injured without any substitutional player. We do recognize these players now and offer a fast method to add them to your lineup. We hope that this will help you and us :). We can still not detect everything automatically. Especially positions switches are a huge problem! Be aware of it and add it manually on the line up page!

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