We are moving to our new server!

In our latest blog post, we asked for your financial support, because we have to move to a new server. We’ve got a lot of donations, thank you.

We already bought a new server and configured it in the last days. Yesterday our wiki and some static content already moved to the new server. This morning the website and database is moving to our new server. Due to this, hattrick youthclub will be offline for 2 hours. We already have to change the DNS settings (DNS tells your browser, where he can find a domain), because the new server has a another ip address. Depending on the renewing speed of DNS Servers of your Internet Provider, you can reach hattrick youthclub after the downtime of 2 hours or later this day. During the switch to the new server, you will get a redirect to the blog.

We will post updates about the move here!

In the last 2 years, we had cost of EUR 25 a month. These costs are increasing to EUR 75 a month. We hope to get enough Donations to pay our bills for hattrick youthclub 😉 .

Update 10:51h: The website moved successfully. If you cannot reach it, please wait until the DNS Servers of your Internet Provider renewed the ip of hattrick youthclub.

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