New twin recognition and copy players to ht forum code


we just release Version of hattrick youthclub. What is new?

  • We introduced a new twin recognition method. Now we are able to find twins of users in other countries as well. We tested it and have the feeling, that the number of twins in hattrick youthclub is increasing noticeable. We we want to remind you, to get a Hattrick Supporter Package, because the recognition of the twins depends mostly on the player avatars, which are only available if you are a Hattrick Supporter!
  • Please have a look on players, position matrix, skill matrix and player attributes site. There you find new buttons below the title. When you click on the buttons you get the a code in ht ml (hattrick markup language), which can be used to copy-and-paste it on forums or messages. It is very useful to show sombody your whole youth squad or a single player, have a try!

We hope you like our new features, and please drop us a line, with your success or failure stories!


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