Updates for NT Scouting

Hi NT scouts,

today we released an update especially for you. We added several functions to the nt scouting function:

  • scout by current skill level and potential
  • the specialities of the players are shown
  • you can add players to blacklist for certain scouting positions, so they are no longer shown, when you scout
  • you can sort the result list by player name, manager name, player age and days till promotion to senior squad
  • all players matching your criteria are shown (divided on several pages) [not only the top 100 results are shown]
  • scout by allrounder skill

I hope you like the new functions. If you are a NT scout for your country and still do not have scouting rights on HY, please ask your U20 or NT scouts to login on hattrick youthclub and grant the t to you!



2 Responses to “Updates for NT Scouting”

  • I’m U20 ChiefScout in Hungary and i havent’t scout rights on HY. I have no idea whom i could ask ..

    • Every NT and U20 Coach can set any user as Scout on hattrick youthclub. Since we do not get information, who is scout or not, it is neccessary to ask one of them to add the scouts on HY.

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