New Login (oAuth) CHPP 2.0


Hattrick announced CHPP 2.0 in their editorial in November 2010. With CHPP 2.0 Hattrick promised to spend more time on developing CHPP and introduced a new login system. CHPP is the third-party developer platform of Hattrick. Developer can request a license and create third-party applications, which have access to Hattrick resources. With CHPP Hattrick wants to ensure, that only good/trustful developers get access to your data. The aim is to have third-party applications, which are a good addition to Hattrick and increases the users fun of the game.

oAuth is the new login system. With oAuth you, the user, have more power to control what an application is allowed to do or not. In the past, you could only login to an application and the application could access all data available. New is, that you can restrict this access now. If the application wants to manage your challenges for you, it has to ask you for the permission. This different levels of rights for applications, will (hopefully) lead to more interactive CHPP applications, when Hattrick will develop more different access levels to the CHPP interface.
With oAuth the security code does no longer exist. The new login system works the following way. When you register with us, you have to select a user name and a password. Those data are independent from any data you have chosen on Hattrick. Then we redirect you to Hattrick, where you have to log in to grant permission to us to access your data. Hattrick will redirect you back to hattrick youthclub and you have registered successfully with us and got already logged in. If you already have an hattrick youthclub account, you have to register again. When you registration is completed, your old data is transferred automatically to you new account! Please keep in mind, that you have to login with your hattrick youthclub user name and password you chose during registration, Hattrick’s login name and security code will no longer work!

CHPP 2.0 is next to the new login system a promise by Hattrick to develop the CHPP interface with a higher speed. Therefore we can hope for more CHPP functionality for Youth Academies in the future. In the last weeks/months Hattrick started updating and improving existing CHPP resources. I think we can be optimistic to see CHPP resources for Youth in future, but i do not like to make any assumptations how long we have to wait for it.

We decided to switch to the new login system now. Hattrick will take off the old login system (with security code) in June 2011. We liked to switch to the new login system this early, because we like to benefit from future CHPP changes, which may only be provided for oAuth login.

When you register with us you have to accept a disclaimer. You are maybe worried about that, because you had not to do so earlier. Well to be honest, with respect to german laws (we are located in Germany!) we have to add a disclaimer to our webpage, to avoid problems. So please do not worry about the disclaimer, it is only to avoid problems with german law. There are no other reasons!
I am looking forward to the upcoming changes in CHPP by Hattrick in the next month, and i am really hoping, that we made the switch to the new system as easy as possible for you!


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