Copy Lineup to HT and a lot of background stuff


with this new version we like to invite you to use our lineup help page more often. Therefore we created a new very useful tool for it. When you set up your lineup on the lineup help page, you can use the button “Copy lineup to HT” to copy the lineup to a youth match on Hattrick’s page. We feel, that this is very useful and hope that it will increase the usage of the lineup help in future. I like to highlight the “I am the coach” option, because there you can set up the lineup based on your preferences, and you do have an overview on all skills and ratings of all players. I personally think it is very useful, you may have to be get familiar with using it first. Please note, that you cannot set if your player should play eg in left inner midfield or right one for historical reasons. When you think, that we should add those flexibility there, please let us know, and we will put on to-do and will change it with a future release.

Currently we are not deploying too many visible changes for the users. But we are working very intensive on changes for hattrick youthclub. Here are some of the changes you do not see, but which costs time too:


  • … improved our error detection system and can get rid of some errors, which are not reported too (but please still report a bug with as many as possible information, when there is one for you)
  • … worked on securing the site against hacker attacks. This is a ongoing, never-ending, process, i guess.
  • … redesigned the oAuth interface, which is used to fetch your data from Hattrick Servers. With this changes we are more flexible in error handling.
  • … added a caching infrastructure for chpp files. With this chpp file cache, we will be able to reduce the files we have to load from Hattrick Servers and can load other files more often, which will be used in future updates of our page.
  • … are working on preparations for new functions, which needs different technical prerequisites.

Additionally to those changes, we continuously fix bugs.

Have a nice week and good luck at World Cup Betting Game!


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