Updates for player-skill-matrix, NT Scouting and a new statistic


we just released a new version of hattrick youthclub. Here are the major changes with this version:

  • On the player-skill-matrix you can now select how many skills you like to have shown there. Just drag the slider to the number of skill you like to have shown for every player. The idea is, that we do only show the i-best skills. If there are skills with the same level (for one player) they are sticked together and does appear/disappear at the same level.
  • Another update for the player-skill-matrix is, that you are now able to sort by the max skills. When there is no max-skill known for a certain skill and player but the is skill is knwon, we do use it instead. The reason is, that the player can reach this skill at least, therefore we should put it there at least.
  • A technical aspect, but important anyway is, that we know use the same date/time-format as hattrick uses. We hope that this feels a bit better, especially for smaller countries where there is no special language.
  • We added a statistic, which shows the top 20 teams, which got the highest number of stars in match. This statististic does only take games into account, beginning from the 29th of October 2011, because then we can be sure, that nobody can manipulate their line-ups to get on the top of the list.

For the national team scouts, we do offer two additional features to support you in scouting future U20/NT players.

  1. For players on a favorite list, who are promoted to the senior squad by the owner, we add a link to the player’s page of hattrick.
  2. As a scout you are able to add comments to every player to make it easier to take down your thoughts about the different players.
We hope you like those changes and your feedback is very welcome!

2 Responses to “Updates for player-skill-matrix, NT Scouting and a new statistic”

  • Great update for the skill matrix. The statistics are a little overwhelming now for top 20 teams, maybe consider dividing it up even more.

    BTW, I heard that youthplayer info is now available throught chpp (databased.at/hattrick has implemented it), is there enough info there to take away some of the manual process?

    Not that I think its very tedious i actually enjoy it sometimes 😉

  • The sort by Max/Known skill level is a fix I have been hoping for for some time so congratulations on that.

    Since I am already typing I will also add that the new line-up assistant is a great help. It is very intimidating to look at but extremely useful once you get used to it

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