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Hattrick has released a CHPP update. With this update we are able to download more information from chpp as before. But we are still not able to do all the stuff automatically. Here is a short overview, what we already have done, what we will do, and what we are waiting for:

  • We have already implement the new CHPP Scope, which allows us, to download your player’s skills. With the help of this scope, we also reveal the skills of your players on Hattrick’s side. We store those information in the database to have a big set of data, which we need for the next step…
  • … in this next step, which we plan to finish till the end of december (but maybe christmas-time will not allow us to do it in time), we will use this information for supporting you in keeping all the skills up-to-date on hattrick youthclub. When this is done, we still recommend to import coach comments manually, because they does provide extra information, the chpp files will never provide.
  • Of course most of you would love to see, that we can download new players from HT too. Before this will be possible, we need additionally chpp files. As soon as they are available, we will work on a way to automatically download players from HT to hattrick youthclub.
As soon there is any visible change for you, we will write a new blog post. Currently you only have to allow hattrick youthclub to use the new chpp scope “manage youth players” and wait for the next blog entry 😉 .
We are looking forward to new chpp files in future 🙂 ,

2 Responses to “CHPP Manage Youth Players”

  • Great job! It seems a little vague what you can actually do right now?

    Could you clear that up?
    It says currently that you can “download your player’s skills”
    But it also states that you will eventually be able to
    “we will use this information for supporting you in keeping all the skills up-to-date on hattrick youthclub.”

    So which is it? You can download new players into HT-YC but skill updates from training are not transferred?

  • Well, we can download the player’s skills and with the help of those, we will support you in keeping the skills in hattrick youthclub be up-to-date. Therefore we will have more precision and in future we will be able to import players as well 🙂

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