hattrick youthclub is down!

We are very sorry, but hattrick youthclub is down since 4am this morning. Here is what we do know till now:

It started with a problem with the connection to the database server. I tried to figure out what went wrong there, but could not find a problem. Therefore i decided to restart the server, but the server did not start-up. Then i restarted the server in rescue mode to check what went wrong during starting – without success. After some test i found a problem with the memory (RAM). I created a ticket for our server host and asked him to replace the RAM with new RAM. I also asked them to check other components.

Now we are waiting for reply from their side. I have no idea, how long it will take until they have replaced RAM and i also do not know, if this is the only problem we do have… You can be sure, that we will keep you informed (here in the blog and on facebook/twitter) and that we are fighting for bringing the youthclub back soon!

Happy Holidays 🙁

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