hattrick youthclub is back online!

We are back online … finally!

For more information also checkout our previous post… here are the updates:

The problem, was not related to the RAM as we thought first. There is a problem with the filesystem, while rebooting (especially with our database partition). This problem is not fixed yet, but we have a workaround running now, which should guarantee, that this problem will not be a problem again. But we have to find a better solution for this in the long run.

Sorry for the downtime 🙁 …



12 Responses to “hattrick youthclub is back online!”

  • Hi! Are you sure that all problems have been fixed? I can see the home page this morning, but when I try to log in, nothing seems to happen… Is it my PC maybe? Thank you and, by the way, congratulations for your excellent job on the site!

  • Hi plunio,

    for me the site works without any problem right now and i did not change anything. More than 100 users are online, therefore i guess the problem is on your side, sorry.

    Cheers Markus

    • Hi Markus,

      same here,
      when I try to log in nothing happens,seems many computers have the same problem or is somenthing not yet up and running properly?

      Thanks for the great site btw.


    • i have the same problem, by the way.
      try to log in, but nothing happens. only the log in button stays in the “pressed mode”.


  • Hey Markus,

    Blog works, no doubt. I’m one of the 100 users “online”, but that’s all.

    When I log on to “http://www.hattrick-youthclub.org/” nothing happens …

    Greetz, Tim

  • Hi, i have some trouble with login and cannot enter site :
    when I log on to “http://www.hattrick-youthclub.org/” nothing happens.
    Instead in the blog i can log in perfectly

  • I can’t log in either

  • Io non riesco ad accedere dalla homepage con il mio nick e password soliti, cosa devo fare?

  • Even I can not seem to log-in … Workarounds?

  • Hey IE 8 or lower users :D,

    the problem only occured in this browser. But now the problem should be solved for you and you can login as well.

    Please give me a short feedback!


  • hi Markus, yesterday evening I was indeed able to login through Firefox…
    Anyway, it works now even in IE 1.0
    Thank you.

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