Happy New Year!

Happy new year and all the best to you and your family for 2012.

We like to take the opportunity to keep you up-to-date about the development of upcoming features and inform you about changes in background of hattrick youthclub.

First we like to inform you, that we have released an update for the friendly pool. Now you are able to select “Country still missing for ‘coolness'” as country option to get an opponent from a country you have not played against before. There we also take into account, if you have played against a team of this country at your arena or at his arena before. This option will help you to maximize your hattrick youthclub coolness rating 🙂 .

We are working on the last steps to finish a new feature in hattrick youthclub, which will allow you to have a nice-looking overview about the latest updates for your players. With this we like to create some moments of tension for you when you login to hattrick youthclub and your team has recently played a match. We will offer three different ways of showing those updates to you. We will announce it in a later blog post in detail in the next weeks! For those of you who are curious what kind of tension we like to introduce there: well you maybe can remember on the CHPP tool “cross your fingers” for the classical youth system. I think it will remember you on this.

In the last days, we got important information we do need for an automatically player import into hattrick youthclub. But some information are still missing and we are already thinking about how to implement the automatic user import without loosing those information and still having it comfortable for you. So please stay tuned and i am pretty sure we will see this in 2012 😀 .

As you all know hattrick youthclub is a website which is developed in our free-time and we have a lot of helpers for translations, helping users out, thinking about ways to improve hattrick youthclub and people who invest much time into researchs. We like to thank all people helping us and also want to thank you for using our tool. If you would not use it, we would not spend that much time in developing it 🙂 . Spread the word!

Finally we like to inform you about some internal structure changes. I (Mackshot) am running a small business for more than 5 years. We, that are the founders and leaders of hattrick youthclub (Homer-Simpons and Mackshot), decided to let hattrick youthclub become a part of this (my) business. The reason is, that when you run a website in the size of hattrick youthclub you have to think about many different topics, i.e. legal topics, paying bills, handling user requests / problems etc. Since hattrick youthclub still is a private project we are not able to use certain services, which are restricted to businesses, but would give us some safety. When hattrick youthclub will be a part of my business we can use those services to reduce our risk (legal topics) and we introduce with this version ClickAndBuy as new donation service and SponsorPay, where you can support us, without paying something yourself, i think you should have a look for this!

We guess two main question will arose:

  • When hattrick youthclub becomes a part of your business, do we have to pay for it?
    NO, as we ever stated, hattrick youthclub is a free tool and will stay free.
  • What does it mean for me as user?
    Nothing, we will not change anything related to you the users. We will not sell your data or anything else stupid you may would fear. The only thing we want to have is some more safetly regarding legal topics and being able to use some services which are limited to businesses.

We will raise the monthly fee from EUR 75 to EUR 85, but we will no longer put the paypal fees on top on the EUR 75. Therefore the actual money we ask from our users will stay at the same level (In the past we had EUR 75 a month + paypal fees, which basically is EUR 85). We think, that this is easier for everybody and we have to do it anyway, because we have to handle those paypal fees from now on different anyway.

We offer you the opportunity to support us by donating us some money and to thank you we provide some youthclub credits to you to deactive the advertisement or to download the calendar as ICS file. There is and will be no need to pay money to use the webpage. We really hope, that you trust in us, i personally think, that the history of hattrick youthclub confirms, that we plan no evil things 🙂 . Feel free to start a discussion in the comments…

Do you like to help us with hattrick youthclub? If yes please checkout this page http://www.hattrick-youthclub.org/site/jobs . We are looking for people with different skills to continously improve hattrick youthclub. Everybody is very welcome to offer help 🙂 so please hand in your application right now!

All the best for 2012,
Ruben and Markus

2 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  • Sounds great guys. Its truly a great thing being a part of your project. Keep it up and lets hope HT’s wont kill our enthusiasm for this game. Cause these kinda side projects alongside many other good issues in HT makes it all fun to be part of.
    I wish i knew a bit more about web development, since there is a lot to learn for free, but my skills are non existent and my RL duties wont allow me to learn how little it may be.

    Keep it up and thanx for the HYC. Happy new year to all

    • Thank you, Max.
      Without the help of all the volunteers it would be impossible for us to keep HY running. I am hopeful, that HT will do better in future, they seems to work on many things, which was lay beside in the past, like CHPP (also for youth).

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