currently hattrick youthclub is down, because there is a database problem. Next let me summarize what happened and what will happen:

  • This morning the database server shutdown automatically. The reason: a database table is corrupt
  • After unmounting and mounting the filesystem everythings worked, but when checking the database tables manually we figured out, that six database tables were corrupt.
  • The database management system were able to repair five of this six tables.
  • We tried to drop the last table and to reinsert the data again, but without any success.
  • We had the feeling that the filesystem has a problem in some way. Therefore we ┬ácopied the data to a new file system and started with recreating the database again. We are proceeding well and till now, the table seems to be alright.

Since the database tables are huge those checks and fixes need much time. Therefore hattrick youthclub is down for the whole day. But we are confident, that we can bring hattrick youthclub back within the next hours.

You do not have to worry, no data is lost! Even if we are not able to bring this single table back running, we can just create a new empty table and start the webpage, because this table is only a CHPP File Cache. A cache naturally can be deleted, but it would be nicer to have the old one running, therefore we tried it all day long and keep on trying it this evening/night.

One major question is, why got these database tables corrupt. We do think, that we have an explanation for this. If we are wrong, it is most probably an hardware problem. If this is the case, we will move to another server to fix this issue. But hopefully our idea is right, and it is only a software problem, where we do have a workaround.

We will post an update in this post and on twitter / facebook, when we are back!

We are sorry for this downtime, and want to thank you for your support and patience!

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