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after spending most of the time to trying to fix the issue with the corrupt tables in our database system till friday morning, we decided to rent a new server.

Since Friday morning we worked on fixing a bug with corrupt database tables. No matter what we tried one table was corrupt at least. We copied all data to another server with similar configurations, and all tables are fine. We are pretty sure, that the we have an hardware failure there. Since we could not find one we decided to move to a new server, because otherwise it would take too much time. Moving to a new server does take some time too, because we have to set-up this server completly. We do also have to pay some installation charge, but we think it is the best way to bring hattrick youthclub back online fast!

We have already ordered our new server and waiting for it to start with the configuration. We will keep you up-to-date (on facebook, twitter and this post here) about the installation progress, but first of all, the server needs to be installed by our hoster. We will not make any prediction, when the site will be available again, it depends too much on the day, when the server is installed in datacenter.


16.1 16:13: Our new server has arrived. Now we have to configure the server in the next days, starting tonight!

17.1 16:58: The basic configuration of our new server is done. Now we have to wait until all data is copied during this night and then we can go on with details!

18.1 18:53: We are progressing very well. The wiki is already working. We are looking for bugs right now :). Afterwards we will fix them and then we will check the option to switch hattrick youthclub on!

18.1 20:04: We are back online. But we will keep an close eye on the server and may have to switch it off, if there is a problem, please be warned!

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  • You’re doing a great job, but I got this message … 😉

    ERROR DESCRIPTION: Internal Hattrick CHPP .NET Error. Please specify this errorcode whenever you report a problem.
    CHPP FILE: ?file=worlddetails&version=1.4

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