2 weeks with our new server


our new server is now 2 weeks old and we think it is time for a short feedback how the new server performs and a short summary of what happened.

In christmas time we had the first problems with our old server. We could fix it and have not seen, that it is a more general problem there. In January the problem occured again. First we thought it were a different problem but after many hours / days of working time we figured out, that we do not have a chance to get things running again on the old server, because there is a hardware failure. We had two options there: Asking our server hoster to replace part by part to figure out, which hardware piece is defect or to order a new server.  We decided to order a new server for two reasons: 1. We felt that this will bring hattrick youthclub back online faster and 2. a new server for the same monthly fee is noticeable faster. The bad thing about ordering a new server is, that we have to pay an installation fee of EUR 150, but thanks to your donations last month we already got round about EUR 100 of this from our lovely users 🙂

After some performance problem during the first 2 to 3 days, the new server is running pretty well. I personally had not a single loading time problem since then. Therefore we will cancel the old server today. We hope you are satisfied with our new set-up too.

In the latest release of hattrick youthclub, we have change the behaviour of the player news. The news does only include information up to the latest match you have imported. So please import the match and then you will get pretty soon a news report, if there are any news. Addionally we will show you another news dialog, if there are news for your twins. This will not happen to often, because most twins are older and no longer in the Youth Academy of the owner, therefore they do not have updates ;).



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