New twin page and increased twin recognition rate for HT supporters


today we like to introduce to you our new twin page. On this page we show all potential twins for your players on one page. This way we want to put a bit more focus on twins, because many are still not aware of twins, but they can that helpful. In the past you had not clue, when we have searched for twins for your team last. Now we do also show to you, when we will look for twins for your team next.

Additionally to this new page, we were able to increase the twin recognition rate for HT Supporters. Player Avatars are the best and safest way to detect twins, therefore HT Users who are not HT Supporter cannot profit from Twins that much. For them we also have a small chance to get a twin, but it is comparative low.

In some analysis we figured out, that we could improve the twin recognition rate for HT Supporters from 25% to 33%. That means, that now for each third player in HT one twin exists, of course for some players exists more than one twin and therefore you cannot assume to have 5 players with a twin in your team with 16 players in total. The rate will be lower and of course some will not have a single player in their team with a twin for weeks. For non-HT Supporters those rates are way smaller, we have not made an analysis there, but i assume the rate is reasonable smaller than 5%.

When talking about twins, we have another news. We started another cooperation with foxtrick. If everything works well, you will be able to see the current twin count for your youth player in Hattrick as well in future. Foxtrick will also show the potential twins for non-HY users there, maybe some new users will register with HY this way ;).

When you are an HT Supporter, we hope you like that news, and for all non-HT Supporters, you might try the free 1-month supporter-ship of Hattrick to test the twins, but additionally we have and will look for ways to increase the rate for you as well!

We are looking forward to your comments 🙂

Ruben and Markus

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