Player experience and smaller changes


in our latest Release we have the following updates for you:

  • We are now able to calculate a minimal experience for your players. This experience is (only) shown on the player attributes page. It is the minimal experience, because youth players start with a certain level of experience into your Youth Academy. We are not sure, how this starting experience is determined, our idea is that they got experience from their neighborhood matches before joining your YA. It might will take a while until it appears for your players, but it will finally appear 😉 .
  • When you get a new message from a user, you will get a popup and a sound will be played. If you do not like to have those notifications, you can disable them in your settings.
  • U20 Scouts are now able to set a flag for certain favorite lists. If this flag is set the owners cannot see that their players on this list. Example use case: Scouts have many different lists, they also have candidates list of players, where they do no want to contact the user directly because they are waiting for other information first and they do not want to irritate the user, by showing the NT-flag icon.
  • We also have some updates for new users and users who did not login for at least 3 seasons. They do get a welcome message with important links and information.

We hope you like these changes, and we like to ask you to watch out for an upcoming foxtrick update. With this update the next step of cooperation between Foxtrick and hattrick youthclub is done!



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