Maintenance, Foxtrick cooperation and future projects


first of all we like to announce a short hattrick youthclub downtime. We have to update our server software, thus we have to take down hattrick youthclub for a while. This downtime is scheduled for Wednesday, 10th of October from ~10 am till we have finished 😉 . Since Mackshot was on holiday during the Hattrick season break, we were not able to do these updates during the season break and decided to perform then now.

In the last month we started several cooperations with Foxtrick. We have finished our work on these cooperations now, and now we are waiting for Foxtrick to release these new functions which mainly increase usability of hattrick youthclub. In future your coach match reports will be added to hattrick youthclub automatically when you read them and rejected players are added to our database automatically as well. But both of this is still not working and as soon as Foxtrick have released a new version with those functions we will let you know.

Currently development of hattrick youthclub is a bit stucked, because Hattrick does not concentrate on new CHPP Files right now. So we are waiting for new files from them and started cooperations and worked on other tasks. One topic we might will work on in future is to give you an better overview  of your scouting history (and success). We haven’t talked about the details, but I feel it could be a nice small addition to hattrick youthclub. Besides that we are always working on smaller bug fixes and try to improve the page in details continuously.

We also want to take the opportunity to thank you for supporting us by donating or buying some credits. Thank you. This is a pretty good motivation for us!


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