Player Skill Development


may you have already recognized a new symbol  next to your players (after they were promoted to senior squad). When you click on this little icon you get redirected to a page, where we show you how the player has developed over his career. We have collected information about the players in the last month, so that we are able to show a nice graphs  for recent players.

Please keep in mind, that we can only see the player skills, when the player is still in your senior team or when he is on transfer market. If you have not run a sync in the right moment information could not be downloaded from HT. I hope that you can find some nice information about the skill development of your players throughout their career.


1 Response to “Player Skill Development”

  • Is it intended that I can also see the development of players whose manager use HTYC, even though these players are never sold nor put on the transfer list? I like to track my own players as good as possible and I don’t mind others could see some of my players’ stats (none of them are from a rival team anyway), but it seems a bit like cheating to me…

    An example: one of my players grew to brilliant defending the past 2 years (he popped one or two weeks ago), but he hasn’t been on the transfer list since his first transfer, which was at his 17th birthday.

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