New Design in Version 6

Hello everybody,

Version 6 of hattrick youthclub is released. Beside several bug fixes the major change is that we have worked on a redesign of the page. We have removed the footer bar, and the left navigation bar and introduced a single top navigation bar which is similar to the one, you are familiar with from hattrick.

We are pretty sure, that some people will miss the old layout, we did first too^^, but we have several reason for this change. The most important reasons are:

  • the site is thinner and this is better for netbook and mobile phone users
  • the new navigation is way better for visual impaired users

We hope that you, after some time of getting warm with it like our new design. In the next weeks we will focus on some background tasks to do in hattrick youthclub (and of course on fixing bugs related to the new design). Afterwards we will continue our work on the topics on the to do list.

We are undecided about adding an option which allow you to set the default page which opens if you click on a menu item of the top (dark-green bar) menu. What do you think about it? Please leave a comment!

I know that many are waiting for the features which will be released in cooperation of Foxtrick. My latest information is, that Foxtrick will speed up their release cycle, so there is a good chance to use these new features soon! When they are released we will announce it here!




Update 2012/11/04 11:00 HT-Time: Now you can set in your settings the default action for the main menu items 🙂

6 Responses to “New Design in Version 6”

  • First glans: absolutely fantastic! Much much better then before! good work! \o/

  • Very nice, thanks for this new design.

    A small detail : I find the below-menu (which appears when you hover the top menu) a bit thin (not high enough). My mouse often gets too down when I use it and it can be annoying.

    But that’s a really smaaaaal detail compared with other changes 🙂

  • Guys,
    please reconsider the navigation of your site:
    the navbar in it’s current state is frustrating to use, and goes against any UI design best practice

  • Thanks at first for working constantly on the site. I like the new layout and I think it was time to go for the old one.

    The only thing which isn’t better is the navbar. like the other guys said before, there you have to work on. There are many ways today to display this part of a website, but not this way you’ve done it.

    Best regards!

    PS: The new Foxtrick Features will bring some new users. Thumbs up!

  • i don’t like the new version. the navigation bar is very user-unfriendly!!!! i know you work hard on this but it would be better when we can change to the old design in the settings. I am sorry but Thumbs down!

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