Current skill estimate


today we have released a new version of hattrick youthclub. In this release we introduce a new feature called current skill estimation.  Basically this feature is an improvement in usability and precision of the already existing diagnosis function.

With the help of the current skill estimation you can learn the current skill level of a skill for which Hattrick does not provide an information. This calculation is based on the stars rating your player get and the already known skills and potentials. For more information how it works, please check our wiki page .

We do only estimate the is skills for one (random) player, because the estimation is very complex and takes a lot of processor time. If we would activate it for all players, the webpage would not work any longer. But you have the option to use your Credits to activate the skill estimation for all players. Thus we are able to update our server capacities dynamically, based on the real load and thanks to your donations. We charge 50 Credits / Week (EUR 0.1 / Week) for all player skill estimation, for just one player it is free. You can activate or deactivate this feature in your settings, whenever you like. After deactivation your estimations are still shown, but only for one player new estimations are calculated and updated. Please note, that this feature is activated by default for users with Credits. Important to note here is, that we do only show an estimation where it is possible to calculate one, thus not all players will have an estimation, since not for all it is possible based on the latest data. Checkout our wiki for more information about that .

As special thank you for supporting us, this feature is completly free to use for all users who have at least one credit on their account, till Friday, the 13th of December 2012. Till then you can decide if you like to use the free variant, where only for one player current skill leves are estimated or if you like to go for the paid version, where for all players the levels are estimated.

We hope that you like it and we hope that you understand, that we cannot provide this service for free without limitations.


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