Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013 to all hattrick youthclub users!

We want to take the opportunity and to say thank you for using our website and for your kind donations! We have released new version of hattrick youthclub: If you have credits on your account and have enabled the option to disable the ads, you will see a shortcut bar above our menu. Just place your favorite shortcuts there and enjoy the new speed of navigating through hattrick youthclub!

Special thanks go to all the people who supports us by translating the website, helping users with their problems and supporting us to improve hattrick youthclub. We have a small gift for them as well, so if you are a translator, checkout our internal forums 😉 !

We feel that hattrick youthclub has developed well in the last year and we still enjoy to develop this website. In the next months Homer and me has to spend more time for our further education, because both of us have to write a thesis during spring/summer.  But no need to worry about HY, you can be sure that we will find some time for smaller features and bug fixing, and when we have finished we can concentrate on bigger changes as well.

Ruben (Mod-Homer-Simpson) and Markus (Mackshot)

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