Second (youth) team


a few days ago Hattrick has announced, that Platinum Supporters can manage a second team in Hattrick. If you decide to manage a second team you will be able to open a second Youth Academy as well. Thus one question arise here: “Can we manage our second team on hattrick youthclub?”

Right now we cannot answer this question for sure, but we are willing to add an option to manage the second team in hattrick youthclub as well!
Hattrick told the CHPP developers, that they will provide access to the data of the second team via CHPP interface / api. But right now, it is undecided how this access will look and work. Therefore we cannot say whether we will be able to provide a way to manage a second youth team in hattrick youthclub and when.
Assuming that Hattrick will release the new CHPP api specifications with (global) season 52, we have to check how these changes affect hattrick youthclub and then we can decide how to implement the second team in hattrick youthclub and identify the limitations.


Ruben (Mod-Homer-Simpson) and Markus (Mackshot)

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  • heh, yea. Really interesting and a bit chaotic time. Good luck with the work. Will follow it closely.

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