Version 7 with 2nd team support

Hello hattrick youthclub users,

today we are glad to release hattrick youthclub (HY) version 7.0.

Here is a list of our major changes:

2nd team support

HY supports 2nd teams now. If you have two teams in hattrick you can manage both on HY. Just login with your regular login data. Then you will find a orange bar at the top of the page, which enables you to switch between your two teams (please note that HY supporters have to accept a notification first, explaining credit usage in 2nd teams).
The sync is separately for both teams, thus after syncing in your first team you should switch to your second team and sync there as well.
We have ran a beta test, thus we are pretty hopeful that there are no major bugs. But if you observe any strange behaviour or bug, please use the “report a bug” button on the upper right of the page and describe everything related to your observation/bug as detailed as possible.
Some users have problem, that there twins disappear. This problem occur, if you are using Firefox and Foxtrick 0.12.0. Foxtrick 0.12.0 have several problems related to second teams. Please update to Foxtrick  0.12.1 and then you just have to wait for the next twin search and all your twins will be back again.

Cleaning up of nearly unused settings

For the 2nd team integration we had to take a deep look into many old code and pages. We took the opportunity and get rid of some old nearly unused settings in hattrick youthclub. We removed…

  • the option to hide the player avatars on player overview and details pages,
  • the option to switch to the old skill order of Hattrick and
  • the option to deny newsletter reception

We removed these settings, because less than half  a percent of our users used them and thus to maintain them means more work for us as usage for the broad user base. Sorry to all who have used them 😉 , we hope you understand our decision.


In HY we have established a time-tracking tool before we have started with 2nd team integration. We started using this software mainly for two reasons: First to get a better feeling on how much time we do spend for this project and secondly to measure on which tasks we do spend most of the time to get an idea where we may could improve our routines and help pages.
Since the 2nd team support is one of the largest projects we have ever worked on in HY, we like to share our working time we have spent for this project: ~90h (including analysis, developing and testing) – a lot of time, right?
Even though we spend a lot of time 2nd team integration and on HY in general, we like to highlight, that we love to do it and that we happy to welcome every new user and of course really appreciate your donations and if you buy credits, because this really helps us to keep our motivation up and to pay our bills as well 🙂 .

Thank you for your great support and thank you for being patient and waiting for 2nd team support. We really hope that you feel that it was worth to wait for it.

Ruben (Mod-Homer-Simpson, User Support) and Markus (Mackshot, Developer)

P.S.: If there are any big problems we might have to take the site down, because we can only fix that issue when we are at home and not at work. If this is the case, you will find an update to this blog post.

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