Version 7.6


today we have released version 7.6 of hattrick youthclub.

With version 7.6 we release a new feature (visible on skill matrix, player attributes page and so on) called “max-max-skills” which derives the maximal possible potential (show as ≤ X.Y) of your players from the knowledge about their top3 max-skills. This information is shown in italic font style, please see the legend below the skill matrix! To get these derived values, simply wait for your next sync or sync manually to get a skill recalculation.

Before we have already released the following features:

  • We now show who got picked by ht as captain / set pieces taker during a match on the player’s attributes page, which means that the player has a relative high leadership / set pieces skill,
  • we show the total effectiveness of your training taking into account the current configured lineup on the lineup help,
  • we added web service which provides the u20 national team favorite players for senior national team trackers (right now only HT Portal Tracker does implement/use this web service),
  • we improved the relevance / usefulness calculation by taking the position / skill combination of the player into account as well (i.e. a high goalkeeping skill does not fit well with a high scoring skill), and
  • we added an option which let you show your skill matrix to anyone else by setting an access code via the “share” link on top of the skill matrix page.

We have also updated our english and german wiki (manual and detail pages) according to the latest developments in HY. We really would appreciate if others could take care on the other languages in our wiki!

We hope you like our latest features, let us know in the comments.

Thank you for using hattrick youthclub.

Ruben (Mod-Homer-Simpson) and Markus (Mackshot)

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