Version 7.8, Position Switches and Stars Rating in Youth


some time went by since our last post here. The main reason is that there not many (not to say zero) changes in youth academies on HT lately and that there are no youth related CHPP updates too. Without any updates from HT/CHPP there is not much space left for improving HY, we can just work on bugfixes or smaller improvements.

Today, we release a new version of HY 7.8 including a suprising change.

In the past there was the rule, that the stars rating shown for each single player for a match refers to the last position the player played on. Thanks to the help of different users, mainly Devillaricium (who came up with the observation that something is weird with that rule) and Camelmaniac (who made a small research), we now know that the stars rating refers to the second position the player has played on during a match (if there was a position switch; if there was no position switch, the rating refers to the single position the player has placed on of course).

From now on, in HY we consider that new rule and highlight the position the a rating belongs to on lineup-page by underscoring it. Please note that it may take some weeks until the new rule is applied for all players correctly.

From our perspective it is pretty surprising that this new rule was not recognized earlier, but we are glad to remove one more HT mystery.

We hope that this new knowledge helps you to understand some too low or too high ratings you hadn’t got earlier.

Ruben (Homer-Simpson) and Markus (Mackshot)

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