International Teams and Twins

Hello everybody,

our first blog post for some time. Well, we haven’t post before, since nothing exciting happened in Hattrick’s Youth Universe and then (out of nowhere) we have different updates on HT. Let me start with the twins/clones and then continue with international teams.

Twins / Clones

For several seasons we were able to find twin players and profit from them. Hattrick allowed us to implement twin detection in HY. Now they decided that twins are a bug and no longer wanted. It is ok to us. Nevertheless we feel that HT has should announce changes like that earlier (at least to us), so managers and chpp applications are able to handle it appropriately.

In the consequence to the removal of that “bug”, HY will detect more and more fake-twins now. At some day all twins will be fake-twins, we will observe that and when then number of fake-twins is getting too high we will turn this function off. Please note that as soon we got aware about the removal of twins from hattrick, we put a note on several HY pages, to avoid that you top up your account for twin feature which will not work soon. Additionally we will release a new version of hattrick youthclub in the next weeks, were we will no longer charge credits for a twin search.

Hattrick said that they fixed that bug, but Hattrick can be sure that there will be many users looking for a new way to identify twins and we will look out for them as well 🙂 … keep fighting … 🙂

International Teams

Hattrick surprises us with the announcement of the international teams. Integrating that teams means for me (the single developer) a lot of work. After doing some analysis and the first steps, I can tell you that I am confident that I will be able to integrate international teams into HY. May some bugs will occur, but I think we can handle it. Several users already offered their help – thank you very much – we will come back to that if needed. I am working on international teams and I will tell you when it’s done. Right now there is no estimation when they will be available, so asking for it will not help 😉 .

Since more teams need more resources, implementing that feature is a lot of work and tackling all problems related to international teams will be hard (also after it is done), I plan to charge a weekly fee for everybody who want to manage an international team in HY. Fees in HY were and will keep low (especially) compared to HT, so if you are willing and are able to pay for international team on HT, the fees on HY will not kill you for sure! 😉

Some more information about my feelings:

  1. Unfortunately Hattrick does not give us any access to international teams before the official release.
  2. We were not able to test anything beforehand, but we had to implement a logic to avoid any problems for the point of time international teams are available in chpp-files of Hattrick (we were afraid to kill existing data!). Today we can say that all our preparations seemed to have worked fine, but the fact that we have no access beforehand keeps a shame.
  3. Another problem is that I (as chpp developer) do not get a supportership like the MODs, HTs, LA, etc… So I have to buy a diamond supportership (which I am not interested in at all!) on my own costs to implement the international teams in HY … Feels a bit wrong, doesn’t it? Summary: To enable hattrick users to manage their international teams in HY, a feature I will not use myself for sure and I did not ask for^^, I need to pay for a supportership. Dislike 🙂

As you can read, I am not a big fan on how the process on launching new stuff on Hattrick is performed by HT-Team. If CHPP Applications would be important to them I would expect some more communication and support. Basically there were no new functions for CHPP applications added for a long time – pretty demotivating.

I would love to enable you all to manage your international teams on HY, so you can be sure that I will try hard to implement it soon. Please be patient, we will report if there is an update!

Thank you all for your support!


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