Hattrick International Teams in HY / Version 8.0

Dear users,

today, we are happy to announce the release of a new version of hattrick youthclub including international team support. Since I do not have an international team I was unable to test it myself 🙁 .Several (well chosen) users have tested it and gave me a positive feedback. So we are confident that most important things will work for international teams without problems. If you observe any problems anyhow, please feel free to report a bug on HY. There is a descent change that I will be able to test international teams myself soon and then I will be able to tackle possible bugs better.

As announced in the blog post before, we will ask for a fee for international team support. If you want to manage your international team in HY, we take a fee of 90 HY-Credits / week from your account. The fee is taken from your account during sync with Hattrick, so in weeks where you do not run the sync (for example you are on holidays/vacanies) no fees accrue. The fee is for covering the costs related to the implementation and maintenance costs for international teams. Thus you have to pay the fee regardless whether you have 2 or 3 teams as long as you have an international one. In comparison to the fees claimed by HT, HY fees are pretty low, so we are confident that when you are willing and able to pay platinum or diamand supportership in HT, HY fees for international team support is no problem for you (we talk about 360-450 HY credits per month, i.e. less than 1 EUR per month).

Thank you very much for being patient. Since I have a regular job I needed to implement in my free-time and due to the lack of beforehand information/access from HT, I could unfortunately not prepare much stuff.


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