Hattrick Youth Player Careers (Twins light) / Version 9.0

Hello everybody,

as you all know Hattrick has removed the Twins for some time now. As you all know Twins were a great way to learn more about your players without manually revealing all max skills / potentials one by one.

Since the (official) removal of the twins we took over and over again a deep look at the new players and watched out for new patterns to identify twins. The bad news is that we could not identify a rule to determine twins as we could in the past. So Hattrick did a good job here.

But after applying some algorithms we observed some patterns in the data: We recognized that that are certain max skill combinations which does never occur, some does occur rarely and others often. And when thinking about it there is a good reason for it: Hattrick wants to ensure that over time the amount of good and bad players are equality distributed. They also have to make sure that there are not too many too bad or too good players and the the max skill combinations make sense, i.e. a good goalkeeper with solid playmaking is not interesting for the game, while high skill level combinations of playmaking, passing, defending and / or winger are interesting. To ensure to create interesting players Hattrick (most probably) uses some patterns to create them and the results of these patterns can be seen in our data.

Based on this “new” knowledge we implemented a new feature as replacement for the twins, called “Hattrick Youth Player Career”. We compare the max skills of your player with all players’ max skills and known patterns in our database and show different possible Hattrick Youth Player Career options to you. Different to the twins we can no longer tell you what max skills the player does have, we show you several options and chances. This helps you to identify skills which are most interesting to learn more about soon. You can find an example in the screenshot below.

Screenshot-2017-10-8 hattrick youthclub - Maximilian Brasche

We hope you like this new feature and are confident that it can be very helpful.

Every user can use the feature for free for one player – this user is specified by yourself by the first player’s attribute page you open a week (weeks start on Fridays at 0:00 HT-Time).

During the first weeks hattrick youthclub supporters (users who have at least one credit) can use the feature for free for all players. From November on you need to pay 50 hattrick youthclub credits / week to enable the Hattrick Youth Player Career calculation for all players – this is to ensure keeping this feature and hy running, since this feature produces an high calculation / cpu load on server-side. Please do not forget to disable the feature in Settings -> Credits when you do want to use it. As usual, by default it is on!

If you note any problems please report a bug on hattrick youthclub.


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