Update for Lineup help / recommendation


today we have released a larger update for the lineup help / recommendation page with the following changes:

  1. Support for extra substitute players (including smaller page layout changes)
  2. In settingsĀ  -> advanced preferences you can switch the ordering of the skills from
    Position: [Keeper] [Central Defender] [Wing Back] [Winger] [Inner Midfielder] [Forward]
    Skill: [Keeper] [Defending] [Winger] [Playmaking] [Scoring] [Passing] [Set pieces]


    Position: [Keeper] [Central Defender] [Wing Back] [Inner Midfielder] [Winger] [Forward]
    Skill: [Keeper] [Defending] [Playmaking] [Winger] [Passing] [Scoring] [Set pieces]
  3. Using the two slider below the players table you can fade out less interesting player’s skills and position ratings (stars) – similar to skill and position matrix

I hope you like the changes and wanna thank you for the continously support of hattrick youthclub. I really appreciate you are still here and be glad to welcome every new user šŸ™‚


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