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EURO 2012 – “And the winners are…”

# Name, Points
1. wolsa2, 47 Pts
2. bakan75, 46 Pts
3. Infektio, 43 Pts
4. Agrajag, 43 Pts
5. ardario, 43 Pts
6. CHTILUDO24, 43 Pts
7. sosonka, 42 Pts
8. Elyapu, 42 Pts
9. schmutzki, 42 Pts
10. Benedetto, 41 Pts
(detailed information can be found here:

Congratulation to these 10 managers and thank you to all (more than 1000 – this is awesome) who participated in this betting game.
We already orderer the 6 month supportership for wolsa2 and the 3 month supportership for bakan75 on hattrick and transfered the credits to all of these 10 managers.

Next betting game will be 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. We are looking forward to it and hope to see somebody else winning instead of Spain ūüėČ .

EURO 2012 and set orders (subs) and penalty taker for upcoming matches


today we like to invite you to participate in our EURO 2012 betting game. You can win a HT Support package and HY Credits. Just click on the following link:

In our latest release we have several improvements, but the most important one is, that you are now able to set match orders and the penalty takers for the upcoming matches in our lineup help too. One more reason to use our lineup help.

Good luck for you with our betting game and your favorite team in EURO 2012 ūüôā .


Ruben (Mod-Homer-Simpson) and Markus (Mackshot)

p.s.: Soon, the Foxtrick guys will release a new version, which will show you on HT, if there are twins for your player or not, we hope you will like that!

And the winners are…

The winners of the Women’s World Cup 2011 Betting Game are:

  1. Dorie_tries_soccer Germany
  2. Mravenec Czech Republic
  3. Lolly_shock Germany
  4. isitworthy Portugal
  5. hainss Germany
  6. DariVTR Argentina
  7. jonas4656Switzerland
  8. anthonynho France
  9. britrock USA
  10. Xipho Germany

We hope you had some fun with betting and like to congratulate all winners. Dorie_tries_soccer already got her 3 month supportership in Hattrick and we added the won credits to your accounts.

Thank you for participating.

The winners of the World Cup Betting Game are…

  1. ipar_os
  2. gggjoker
  3. Elyapu
  4. Blitzer65
  5. melga
  6. adam89
  7. Bawmse
  8. Gorschi
  9. szommerg
  10. kraniwani

Congratulation to these ten users and Spain for winning the world cup.

We already added the credits you won to your accounts. The free hattrick supportership for 3 month is on its way to ipar_os.

Thank you all for participating, we really enjoyed this betting game!