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Youth training via Foxtrick 0.12.2


Foxtrick (FT) has released a new version (0.12.2) which you definetely should check out:

When you change your youth training settings on HT, FT sends the new settings to us. Thus we can track your training changes and can offer the right training settings i.e. in match import dialog and on lineup help.

Please note, that you can not build 100% on what training type we offer to you,  when you do not have installed Foxtrick in each of your browsers or when no transmission success notice appears HT after changing the settings on HT.
We still cannot set the training on HT, thus you still have to take care yourself to set the training on HT after sending a lineup to Hattrick using our lineup help.

We hope you like it and are looking forward to your feedback. Big thanks to FT for their part of work on it and our good and inspiring cooperation.

We are glad to announce, that Foxtrick 0.13 will most probably contain another HY specific feature – stay tuned 😉 .