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New twin page and increased twin recognition rate for HT supporters


today we like to introduce to you our new twin page. On this page we show all potential twins for your players on one page. This way we want to put a bit more focus on twins, because many are still not aware of twins, but they can that helpful. In the past you had not clue, when we have searched for twins for your team last. Now we do also show to you, when we will look for twins for your team next.

Additionally to this new page, we were able to increase the twin recognition rate for HT Supporters. Player Avatars are the best and safest way to detect twins, therefore HT Users who are not HT Supporter cannot profit from Twins that much. For them we also have a small chance to get a twin, but it is comparative low.

In some analysis we figured out, that we could improve the twin recognition rate for HT Supporters from 25% to 33%. That means, that now for each third player in HT one twin exists, of course for some players exists more than one twin and therefore you cannot assume to have 5 players with a twin in your team with 16 players in total. The rate will be lower and of course some will not have a single player in their team with a twin for weeks. For non-HT Supporters those rates are way smaller, we have not made an analysis there, but i assume the rate is reasonable smaller than 5%.

When talking about twins, we have another news. We started another cooperation with foxtrick. If everything works well, you will be able to see the current twin count for your youth player in Hattrick as well in future. Foxtrick will also show the potential twins for non-HY users there, maybe some new users will register with HY this way ;).

When you are an HT Supporter, we hope you like that news, and for all non-HT Supporters, you might try the free 1-month supporter-ship of Hattrick to test the twins, but additionally we have and will look for ways to increase the rate for you as well!

We are looking forward to your comments 🙂

Ruben and Markus

Player import and tracking


today is a great day for hattrick youthclub. We started with no CHPP support at all, then we got a CHPP license and hattrick implemented youth feature step by step. There are still some things missing on CHPP site, but we are proud to announce that …

  • … you  can import your players via CHPP now. No more need to copy and paste player source codes
  • … we automatically detect if a player is promoted, sold or fired
  • … you can see all former YA players, who are member of your Hall of Fame now
  • … you do no longer have to worry about entering all resales of your player, because they are detected automatically
  • … your scouts are detected and region changes (with some limitations too)
  • … we track the skills of your player, later we will implement a graph and display the skill changes of your players through their career

When you login, at max every 12h, a sync starts automatically. This sync does update players and check for new matches too. If you like to run this sync manually, because a match just finished or you have imported a new player, then you can force an immediatly sync by clicking on the link ‘Sync’ in the top menu of hattrick youthclub. At the end of the sync you will get a report with updates. You have to confirm some updates and enter some additional values for others as well.

Of course not everything is possible due to CHPP limitations. Next we want to explain what you still have to worry about:

  • You should still import the trainer / coach comments of the coach for a match, because they can have some important information for calculating the subskills.
  • Especially for scouts you should be carefuly, because we do only detect a region move of a scout, when the scout scouts a player and do not know the exact dates when scouts get fired or what are the costs for moving a scout to another region. Please check the scouts page manually, when you changes something.
  • In general, please keep your eyes open and double  check if everything is right in HY.

We really hope you like these news and loooking forward to your feedback. Maybe this could be a way to get more ht users using hattrick youthclub. We feel that the initial import of the players was the biggest problems for newbies. What do you think?


Ruben (Homer-Simpson) and Markus (Mackshot)

Some technical facts some may like to know: we named this new version 5, because it is a major change. 41 files were added, with ~6’000 lines of source code and ~270’000 characters… 😉

2 weeks with our new server


our new server is now 2 weeks old and we think it is time for a short feedback how the new server performs and a short summary of what happened.

In christmas time we had the first problems with our old server. We could fix it and have not seen, that it is a more general problem there. In January the problem occured again. First we thought it were a different problem but after many hours / days of working time we figured out, that we do not have a chance to get things running again on the old server, because there is a hardware failure. We had two options there: Asking our server hoster to replace part by part to figure out, which hardware piece is defect or to order a new server.  We decided to order a new server for two reasons: 1. We felt that this will bring hattrick youthclub back online faster and 2. a new server for the same monthly fee is noticeable faster. The bad thing about ordering a new server is, that we have to pay an installation fee of EUR 150, but thanks to your donations last month we already got round about EUR 100 of this from our lovely users 🙂

After some performance problem during the first 2 to 3 days, the new server is running pretty well. I personally had not a single loading time problem since then. Therefore we will cancel the old server today. We hope you are satisfied with our new set-up too.

In the latest release of hattrick youthclub, we have change the behaviour of the player news. The news does only include information up to the latest match you have imported. So please import the match and then you will get pretty soon a news report, if there are any news. Addionally we will show you another news dialog, if there are news for your twins. This will not happen to often, because most twins are older and no longer in the Youth Academy of the owner, therefore they do not have updates ;).



New Server


after spending most of the time to trying to fix the issue with the corrupt tables in our database system till friday morning, we decided to rent a new server.

Since Friday morning we worked on fixing a bug with corrupt database tables. No matter what we tried one table was corrupt at least. We copied all data to another server with similar configurations, and all tables are fine. We are pretty sure, that the we have an hardware failure there. Since we could not find one we decided to move to a new server, because otherwise it would take too much time. Moving to a new server does take some time too, because we have to set-up this server completly. We do also have to pay some installation charge, but we think it is the best way to bring hattrick youthclub back online fast!

We have already ordered our new server and waiting for it to start with the configuration. We will keep you up-to-date (on facebook, twitter and this post here) about the installation progress, but first of all, the server needs to be installed by our hoster. We will not make any prediction, when the site will be available again, it depends too much on the day, when the server is installed in datacenter.


16.1 16:13: Our new server has arrived. Now we have to configure the server in the next days, starting tonight!

17.1 16:58: The basic configuration of our new server is done. Now we have to wait until all data is copied during this night and then we can go on with details!

18.1 18:53: We are progressing very well. The wiki is already working. We are looking for bugs right now :). Afterwards we will fix them and then we will check the option to switch hattrick youthclub on!

18.1 20:04: We are back online. But we will keep an close eye on the server and may have to switch it off, if there is a problem, please be warned!



currently hattrick youthclub is down, because there is a database problem. Next let me summarize what happened and what will happen:

  • This morning the database server shutdown automatically. The reason: a database table is corrupt
  • After unmounting and mounting the filesystem everythings worked, but when checking the database tables manually we figured out, that six database tables were corrupt.
  • The database management system were able to repair five of this six tables.
  • We tried to drop the last table and to reinsert the data again, but without any success.
  • We had the feeling that the filesystem has a problem in some way. Therefore we  copied the data to a new file system and started with recreating the database again. We are proceeding well and till now, the table seems to be alright.

Since the database tables are huge those checks and fixes need much time. Therefore hattrick youthclub is down for the whole day. But we are confident, that we can bring hattrick youthclub back within the next hours.

You do not have to worry, no data is lost! Even if we are not able to bring this single table back running, we can just create a new empty table and start the webpage, because this table is only a CHPP File Cache. A cache naturally can be deleted, but it would be nicer to have the old one running, therefore we tried it all day long and keep on trying it this evening/night.

One major question is, why got these database tables corrupt. We do think, that we have an explanation for this. If we are wrong, it is most probably an hardware problem. If this is the case, we will move to another server to fix this issue. But hopefully our idea is right, and it is only a software problem, where we do have a workaround.

We will post an update in this post and on twitter / facebook, when we are back!

We are sorry for this downtime, and want to thank you for your support and patience!

Please follow us on facebook or twitter for the latest news …

News about your players


in the last weeks we worked on a nice looking feature to increase the level of tension when there are news for your players. We created 3 different variants of showing latest news to you:

  • Classical: Here you will see all news immediately at one glance (without effects)!
  • Gambling machine: Here you can see all news on one sight, but they are still mixed up. Let a random generator assemble the news for you or chose the news in which you are interested the most by yourself.
  • Scratchcards: Excitement is guaranteed. Each event is hiding behind a scratch card. Scratch the fields and find out what’s new about your players. Here you decide yourself what information you reveal next.

When you login frequently the news should contain information you got from last match played (you have to sync this match first!). If you do not login that often all player news from last matches are put together into one player news. The first time you may will have old news shown as well, because we had some scripts already running hidden in the background for some time.

Please let us know which option do you prefer 🙂



Happy New Year!

Happy new year and all the best to you and your family for 2012.

We like to take the opportunity to keep you up-to-date about the development of upcoming features and inform you about changes in background of hattrick youthclub.

First we like to inform you, that we have released an update for the friendly pool. Now you are able to select “Country still missing for ‘coolness'” as country option to get an opponent from a country you have not played against before. There we also take into account, if you have played against a team of this country at your arena or at his arena before. This option will help you to maximize your hattrick youthclub coolness rating 🙂 .

We are working on the last steps to finish a new feature in hattrick youthclub, which will allow you to have a nice-looking overview about the latest updates for your players. With this we like to create some moments of tension for you when you login to hattrick youthclub and your team has recently played a match. We will offer three different ways of showing those updates to you. We will announce it in a later blog post in detail in the next weeks! For those of you who are curious what kind of tension we like to introduce there: well you maybe can remember on the CHPP tool “cross your fingers” for the classical youth system. I think it will remember you on this.

In the last days, we got important information we do need for an automatically player import into hattrick youthclub. But some information are still missing and we are already thinking about how to implement the automatic user import without loosing those information and still having it comfortable for you. So please stay tuned and i am pretty sure we will see this in 2012 😀 .

As you all know hattrick youthclub is a website which is developed in our free-time and we have a lot of helpers for translations, helping users out, thinking about ways to improve hattrick youthclub and people who invest much time into researchs. We like to thank all people helping us and also want to thank you for using our tool. If you would not use it, we would not spend that much time in developing it 🙂 . Spread the word!

Finally we like to inform you about some internal structure changes. I (Mackshot) am running a small business for more than 5 years. We, that are the founders and leaders of hattrick youthclub (Homer-Simpons and Mackshot), decided to let hattrick youthclub become a part of this (my) business. The reason is, that when you run a website in the size of hattrick youthclub you have to think about many different topics, i.e. legal topics, paying bills, handling user requests / problems etc. Since hattrick youthclub still is a private project we are not able to use certain services, which are restricted to businesses, but would give us some safety. When hattrick youthclub will be a part of my business we can use those services to reduce our risk (legal topics) and we introduce with this version ClickAndBuy as new donation service and SponsorPay, where you can support us, without paying something yourself, i think you should have a look for this!

We guess two main question will arose:

  • When hattrick youthclub becomes a part of your business, do we have to pay for it?
    NO, as we ever stated, hattrick youthclub is a free tool and will stay free.
  • What does it mean for me as user?
    Nothing, we will not change anything related to you the users. We will not sell your data or anything else stupid you may would fear. The only thing we want to have is some more safetly regarding legal topics and being able to use some services which are limited to businesses.

We will raise the monthly fee from EUR 75 to EUR 85, but we will no longer put the paypal fees on top on the EUR 75. Therefore the actual money we ask from our users will stay at the same level (In the past we had EUR 75 a month + paypal fees, which basically is EUR 85). We think, that this is easier for everybody and we have to do it anyway, because we have to handle those paypal fees from now on different anyway.

We offer you the opportunity to support us by donating us some money and to thank you we provide some youthclub credits to you to deactive the advertisement or to download the calendar as ICS file. There is and will be no need to pay money to use the webpage. We really hope, that you trust in us, i personally think, that the history of hattrick youthclub confirms, that we plan no evil things 🙂 . Feel free to start a discussion in the comments…

Do you like to help us with hattrick youthclub? If yes please checkout this page . We are looking for people with different skills to continously improve hattrick youthclub. Everybody is very welcome to offer help 🙂 so please hand in your application right now!

All the best for 2012,
Ruben and Markus

hattrick youthclub is back online!

We are back online … finally!

For more information also checkout our previous post… here are the updates:

The problem, was not related to the RAM as we thought first. There is a problem with the filesystem, while rebooting (especially with our database partition). This problem is not fixed yet, but we have a workaround running now, which should guarantee, that this problem will not be a problem again. But we have to find a better solution for this in the long run.

Sorry for the downtime 🙁 …



hattrick youthclub is down!

We are very sorry, but hattrick youthclub is down since 4am this morning. Here is what we do know till now:

It started with a problem with the connection to the database server. I tried to figure out what went wrong there, but could not find a problem. Therefore i decided to restart the server, but the server did not start-up. Then i restarted the server in rescue mode to check what went wrong during starting – without success. After some test i found a problem with the memory (RAM). I created a ticket for our server host and asked him to replace the RAM with new RAM. I also asked them to check other components.

Now we are waiting for reply from their side. I have no idea, how long it will take until they have replaced RAM and i also do not know, if this is the only problem we do have… You can be sure, that we will keep you informed (here in the blog and on facebook/twitter) and that we are fighting for bringing the youthclub back soon!

Happy Holidays 🙁

CHPP Manage Youth Players


Hattrick has released a CHPP update. With this update we are able to download more information from chpp as before. But we are still not able to do all the stuff automatically. Here is a short overview, what we already have done, what we will do, and what we are waiting for:

  • We have already implement the new CHPP Scope, which allows us, to download your player’s skills. With the help of this scope, we also reveal the skills of your players on Hattrick’s side. We store those information in the database to have a big set of data, which we need for the next step…
  • … in this next step, which we plan to finish till the end of december (but maybe christmas-time will not allow us to do it in time), we will use this information for supporting you in keeping all the skills up-to-date on hattrick youthclub. When this is done, we still recommend to import coach comments manually, because they does provide extra information, the chpp files will never provide.
  • Of course most of you would love to see, that we can download new players from HT too. Before this will be possible, we need additionally chpp files. As soon as they are available, we will work on a way to automatically download players from HT to hattrick youthclub.
As soon there is any visible change for you, we will write a new blog post. Currently you only have to allow hattrick youthclub to use the new chpp scope “manage youth players” and wait for the next blog entry 😉 .
We are looking forward to new chpp files in future 🙂 ,