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Two new CHPP functions

Today, we are happy to announce two new CHPP functions. No, it is not possible to import player list, now ;)!

When you sold a player the TSI, transfer price and the date of sale are fetched from Hattrick automatically. The skills of the player are not downloaded from Hattrick. Please check them!

When a player got resold from the new owner you simply have to press the button and we fetch the date, the TSI and the transfer interest. When your player got resold for the first time, you get a transfer interest bonus. You have to add this one yourself. We do offer an extra input field for these data, if it is the first resale!

We hope you enjoy this two new functions. They are not the biggest improvements, but as you can see, we try to make the usage of HY more easier 🙂

Promoting a player (CHPP)

In the past you had to the skill levels and tsi manually, when you promote a player to your senior team. Now we are able to fetch these data from Hattrick. When you promote a player, we request all levels of the player skills and insert them automatically. Of course this does only work, if CHPP of hattrick is working and if you had promoted the player in Hattrick first. You have to accept the values before the player is promoted in hattrick youthclub, too.

We think this will ease the use of hattrick youthclub one more time 🙂

Sync problems with Hattrick solved

Hattrick has some problems with the match archive. This is why you could have problems with syncing your matches!

There is already a bug report. We have to wait until it is fixed! We are sorry 🙁

Update 16.9.2009: The problem is fixed. No more problems should appear with syncing matches with hattrick!

CHPP sync improvements and trainingsspeed calculation

We implemented some improvements in match synchronization in the last weeks.

The first one was necessary to handle the newly introduced extra-time in youth matches.

The second one analyzes all match events and search for special events of your players. If there is a special event named in the match report hattrick youthclub sets the speciality of your player to this value.

The skipper you chose for the game is now shown on the lineup-page!

We are working continuously on trainingsspeed calculation. It seems to be a never ending process. Today we started a project to analyze the trainingsspeed for the data we collected with hattrick youthclub. We hope to find an allround-formula to calculate it. We will keep you up-to-date!

Match synchronization improvements

We improved the synchronization of matches with Hattrick does not offer some CHPP pages, which are offered for senior CHPP managing tools. This is a problem, because some informations are not available for us. As i told you in an earlier post we used everything CHPP offered us. I reviewed this and found a way to combine some CHPP files to get some more informations, which are regularly only accessible from another CHPP file, which is not offered for youth. Know we are happy that the following things are working:

  • substitutions are regonized
  • for bruised players the health status is set correct
  • injured players, if there is a substitution for them (another player must be substituted)

We still cannot fetch all informations about players, who get a red card or injured players who are not replaced by another player! A position change of a player is also not avaiable for us.

Enhancement of CHPP synchronization

We enhanced the CHPP synchronization:

If you sync a match all weather special events will be detected and added automatically (if the player is on lineup at the end of the game). This feature is the last we can add to the tool, with the actual functional range of CHPP. We hope that HT will implement some more CHPP features for Youth Academies, soon.

HY will be sporadically offline for reorganization of coachcomments:

We created the categories for the coachcomment a long time ago. Since this the knowledge of the meaning of the comments had increased. As a result of this better knowledge, we will reorganize the coachcomment. We will create new categories, change old ones and relocate the comments. During these changes HY must be closed.

Our plan is to start on Monday, the 6th of April. To keep up-to-date check-out this blog!

Update 05.04.2009: We will not start with the reorganization this Monday, because Homer and I have no time tomorrow. There is no new date, when we will work on it, but hopefully we find some time on easter. Some people are worried that we close the site for some days or weeks, that is wrong. The update is big and we will need a lot of time, but we will not close the page for more than one day. I think we can do it quicker :). We already spent a lot of time on making a plan how to do the update, this is most important.

Update 06.04.2009: Hattrick announced today, that they will change a lot of things related to coachcomments. As a result of this, we will NOT do our changes before we got more information what will be changed, because we will not do the work twice.