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Hattrick International Teams in HY / Version 8.0

Dear users,

today, we are happy to announce the release of a new version of hattrick youthclub including international team support. Since I do not have an international team I was unable to test it myself ๐Ÿ™ .Several (well chosen) users have tested it and gave me a positive feedback. So we are confident that most important things will work for international teams without problems. If you observe any problems anyhow, please feel free to report a bug on HY. There is a descent change that I will be able to test international teams myself soon and then I will be able to tackle possible bugs better.

As announced in the blog post before, we will ask for a fee for international team support. If you want to manage your international team in HY, we take a fee of 90 HY-Credits / week from your account. The fee is taken from your account during sync with Hattrick, so in weeks where you do not run the sync (for example you are on holidays/vacanies) no fees accrue. The fee is for covering the costs related to the implementation and maintenance costs for international teams. Thus you have to pay the fee regardless whether you have 2 or 3 teams as long as you have an international one. In comparison to the fees claimed by HT, HY fees are pretty low, so we are confident that when you are willing and able to pay platinum or diamand supportership in HT, HY fees for international team support is no problem for you (we talk about 360-450 HY credits per month, i.e. less than 1 EUR per month).

Thank you very much for being patient. Since I have a regular job I needed to implement in my free-time and due to the lack of beforehand information/access from HT, I could unfortunately not prepare much stuff.


International Teams and Twins

Hello everybody,

our first blog post for some time. Well, we haven’t post before, since nothing exciting happened in Hattrick’s Youth Universe and then (out of nowhere) we have different updates on HT. Let me start with the twins/clones and then continue with international teams.

Twins / Clones

For several seasons we were able to find twin players and profit from them. Hattrick allowed us to implement twin detection in HY. Now they decided that twins are a bug and no longer wanted. It is ok to us. Nevertheless we feel that HT has should announce changes like that earlier (at least to us), so managers and chpp applications are able to handle it appropriately.

In the consequence to the removal of that “bug”, HY will detect more and more fake-twins now. At some day all twins will be fake-twins, we will observe that and when then number of fake-twins is getting too high we will turn this function off. Please note that as soon we got aware about the removal of twins from hattrick, we put a note on several HY pages, to avoid that you top up your account for twin feature which will not work soon. Additionally we will release a new version of hattrick youthclub in the next weeks, were we will no longer charge credits for a twin search.

Hattrick said that they fixed that bug, but Hattrick can be sure that there will be many users looking for a new way to identify twins and we will look out for them as well ๐Ÿ™‚ … keep fighting … ๐Ÿ™‚

International Teams

Hattrick surprises us with the announcement of the international teams. Integrating that teams means for me (the single developer) a lot of work. After doing some analysis and the first steps, I can tell you that I am confident that I will be able to integrate international teams into HY. May some bugs will occur, but I think we can handle it. Several users already offered their help – thank you very much – we will come back to that if needed. I am working on international teams and I will tell you when it’s done. Right now there is no estimation when they will be available, so asking for it will not help ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

Since more teams need more resources, implementing that feature is a lot of work and tackling all problems related to international teams will be hard (also after it is done), I plan to charge a weekly fee for everybody who want to manage an international team in HY. Fees in HY were and will keep low (especially) compared to HT, so if you are willing and are able to pay for international team on HT, the fees on HY will not kill you for sure! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Some more information about my feelings:

  1. Unfortunately Hattrick does not give us any access to international teams before the official release.
  2. We were not able to test anything beforehand, but we had to implement a logic to avoid any problems for the point of time international teams are available in chpp-files of Hattrick (we were afraid to kill existing data!). Today we can say that all our preparations seemed to have worked fine, but the fact that we have no access beforehand keeps a shame.
  3. Another problem is that I (as chpp developer) do not get a supportership like the MODs, HTs, LA, etc… So I have to buy a diamond supportership (which I am not interested in at all!) on my own costs to implement the international teams in HY … Feels a bit wrong, doesn’t it? Summary: To enable hattrick users to manage their international teams in HY, a feature I will not use myself for sure and I did not ask for^^, I need to pay for a supportership. Dislike ๐Ÿ™‚

As you can read, I am not a big fan on how the process on launching new stuff on Hattrick is performed by HT-Team. If CHPP Applications would be important to them I would expect some more communication and support. Basically there were no new functions for CHPP applications added for a long time – pretty demotivating.

I would love to enable you all to manage your international teams on HY, so you can be sure that I will try hard to implement it soon. Please be patient, we will report if there is an update!

Thank you all for your support!


Stamina in Youth Matches


today we wanna share our latest research results with you, regarding Youth Player Stamina in Youth Matches.

As we all know, Youth Players get promoted with a stamina of weak (4) to the Seniors. Additionally we have the following Statements from HT-Staff about Stamina:

LA-Ron__Manager observed that one of this players got less stars as usual in a match where he played for 120minutes. Thus, we have made a research and looked at the stars of players who played only one minute, 90 and 120 minutes and compared their ratings for the different match durations. We observed the following:

Players who played only one minute got a bonus up to 1.5 stars, while players who played 120 (or more) minutes, got a “penalization” up to 1 star, compared to the rating the player got in a match where he was on the pitch for 90 minutes.

Please take that knowledge into account, when substituting a player at the of the match to get his skills. The player who enters the pitch at the end of the match (i.e. playes only a few minutes) may will have a higher stars rating as “normal” (90 minutes match).

We hope this helps to you understand Hattrick Youth Academy a bit better again.

Ruben (Homer-Simpson) and Markus (Mackshot)

Version 7.8, Position Switches and Stars Rating in Youth


some time went by since our last post here. The main reason is that there not many (not to say zero) changes in youth academies on HT lately and that there are no youth related CHPP updates too. Without any updates from HT/CHPP there is not much space left for improving HY, we can just work on bugfixes or smaller improvements.

Today, we release a new version of HY 7.8 including a suprising change.

In the past there was the rule, that the stars rating shown for each single player for a match refers to the last position the player played on. Thanks to the help of different users, mainly Devillaricium (who came up with the observation that something is weird with that rule) and Camelmaniac (who made a small research), we now know that the stars rating refers to the second position the player has played on during a match (if there was a position switch; if there was no position switch, the rating refers to the single position the player has placed on of course).

From now on, in HY we consider that new rule and highlight the position the a rating belongs to on lineup-page by underscoring it. Please note that it may take some weeks until the new rule is applied for all players correctly.

From our perspective it is pretty surprising that this new rule was not recognized earlier, but we are glad to remove one more HT mystery.

We hope that this new knowledge helps you to understand some too low or too high ratings you hadn’t got earlier.

Ruben (Homer-Simpson) and Markus (Mackshot)

Version 7 with 2nd team support

Hello hattrick youthclub users,

today we are glad to release hattrick youthclub (HY) version 7.0.

Here is a list of our major changes:

2nd team support

HY supports 2nd teams now. If you have two teams in hattrick you can manage both on HY. Just login with your regular login data. Then you will find a orange bar at the top of the page, which enables you to switch between your two teams (please note that HY supporters have to accept a notification first, explaining credit usage in 2nd teams).
The sync is separately for both teams, thus after syncing in your first team you should switch to your second team and sync there as well.
We have ran a beta test, thus we are pretty hopeful that there are no major bugs. But if you observe any strange behaviour or bug, please use the “report a bug” button on the upper right of the page and describe everything related to your observation/bug as detailed as possible.
Some users have problem, that there twins disappear. This problem occur, if you are using Firefox and Foxtrick 0.12.0. Foxtrick 0.12.0 have several problems related to second teams. Please update to Foxtrick ย 0.12.1 and then you just have to wait for the next twin search and all your twins will be back again.

Cleaning up of nearly unused settings

For the 2nd team integration we had to take a deep look into many old code and pages. We took the opportunity and get rid of some old nearly unused settings in hattrick youthclub. We removed…

  • the option to hide the player avatars on player overview and details pages,
  • the option to switch to the old skill order of Hattrick and
  • the option to deny newsletter reception

We removed these settings, because less than half ย a percent of our users used them and thus to maintain them means more work for us as usage for the broad user base. Sorry to all who have used them ๐Ÿ˜‰ , we hope you understand our decision.


In HY we have established a time-tracking tool before we have started with 2nd team integration. We started using this software mainly for two reasons: First to get a better feeling on how much time we do spend for this project and secondly to measure on which tasks we do spend most of the time to get an idea where we may could improve our routines and help pages.
Since the 2nd team support is one of the largest projects we have ever worked on in HY, we like to share our working time we have spent for this project: ~90h (including analysis, developing and testing)ย – a lot of time, right?
Even though we spend a lot of time 2nd team integration and on HY in general, we like to highlight, that we love to do it and that we happy to welcome every new user and of course really appreciate your donations and if you buy credits, because this really helps us to keep our motivation up and to pay our bills as well ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Thank you for your great support and thank you for being patient and waiting for 2nd team support. We really hope that you feel that it was worth to wait for it.

Ruben (Mod-Homer-Simpson, User Support) and Markus (Mackshot, Developer)

P.S.: If there are any big problems we might have to take the site down, because we can only fix that issue when we are at home and not at work. If this is the case, you will find an update to this blog post.

2nd youth team in HY


we are back again with an update about the second teams in hattrick youthclub. Hattrick has released the updated CHPP API files for the second teams on the 2nd of May. We have analyzed the new CHPP File Structure and how it fit to our structure.

The good news: It will be possible to manage your second team in HY as well.

The bad news: The changes we have to apply to HY for managing a second team are very time expensive. Thus it will take some time until you will be able to manage your second team in hattrick youthclub. ๐Ÿ™

Right now we plan to add the service for managing the second team in HY to your current account – so you will onlyย have one account (as in HT) and you can switch between your two teams. ย Thus there will be no need for a second registration. Of course we plan that you are free to decide on your own, if you manage your first, your second, both or none youth teams in HY. ๐Ÿ˜‰

As said before, it will take some time until we are ย done with implementing all needed changes. Please keep in mind, that we work on HY in our free-time (Homer is studying and I have a regular nine to five job), thus we cannot spend as much time on the developing work as we would like to spent. Additionally, I am still the only developer and we do not just want to implement it anyhow – we want to do it right.

So, if you like to help us with developing this page, you are very welcome to apply on our job page

We will update this blog entry with major status updates and as soon as the 2nd teams can be managed on HY, we will post a new blog entry. Please make sure that you follow this blog and spread the word about our blog!

You can be sure that we are working on it – please be patient,



UPDATE 2013-06-06:

Today we started with a closed beta test for our 2nd team support. We already invited and will invite some users, who we do know pretty good and we do trust in. We think that this closed beta test will take 2-8 weeks depending on the number of bugs they will find and how much time we do need to fix them. Afterwards we may will have an open beta test or we may will release the 2nd team support for all users.


UPDATE 2013-06-18:

The beta is running for 12 days now. It is time for a short update how the beta has gone so far. The good news is, that no major bugs occur, but our tester found a ย couple of minor bugs and handed-in some suggestion for improvement. We have fixed all known bugs ย and have implemented some of the suggestions as well.

What do we have to do before we can release?

  1. We want to observe how everything is going during next weekend in beta test.
  2. We have to implement one smaller function which we do need for our release.
  3. We have to investigate a possible problem related to twins, first and second team, when using Foxtrick 0.12.0. We are in contact with FT regarding that issue.

When do we plan to release? Well, this is the master question. We can say for sure, that we will not release before the mid of next week. Depending on how we progress with these three topics left and depending on possible new problems, we are not aware of right now, we may (if everything is going well) will release at the end of next week or during the first week of July. If we will not be able to release till the 5th of July we will announce it here. After release you will find a new post to this blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

Second (youth) team


a few days ago Hattrick has announced, that Platinum Supporters can manage a second team in Hattrick. If you decide to manage a second team you will be able to open a second Youth Academy as well. Thus one question arise here: “Can we manage our second team on hattrick youthclub?”

Right now we cannot answer this question for sure, but we are willing to add an option to manage the second team in hattrick youthclub as well!
Hattrick told the CHPP developers, that they will provide access to the data of the second team via CHPP interface / api. But right now, it is undecided how this access will look and work. Therefore we cannot say whether we will be able to provide a way to manage a second youth team in hattrick youthclub and when.
Assuming that Hattrick will release the new CHPP api specifications with (global) season 52, we have to check how these changes affect hattrick youthclub and then we can decide how to implement the second team in hattrick youthclub and identify the limitations.


Ruben (Mod-Homer-Simpson) and Markus (Mackshot)

Rejected Players

Now it is possible to add rejected players to hattrick-youthclub, too.

You might be wondering how you can profit, if you add them to hattrick youthclub. You cannot profit yourself by adding them, but the other users can profit. If you add rejected players with their scout comments to hattrick youthclub other users, who pulls them into their youth academy, profit from the information you added.

We hope that everybody will add his/her rejected players, because then everybody have the chance to get more information about his newest players. Please also have a look on our video on youtube, where we explain how it works! Of course it only works for players who are scouted by users of hattrick youthclub and who inserted the information.


I am looking forward for my first player who was scouted by one of you before ๐Ÿ™‚

Let us work together in our WIKI

We introduced a WIKI some weeks ago.

There you can already find a manual in english, german, spanish and vlaams. You can also find a FAQ site.

Additional to these direct hattrick youthclub related content, there is a general Hattrick YouthAcademy Guide and some more information about CoachComments

Do you have any information about YouthAcademies you want to publish or do you like to start to collect some data? Feel free to start your own pages or edit existing pages!

Login to hattrick youthclub with your hattrick alias and security code and click on the WIKI link to login to our wiki. Then you can edit any post or start a new post, by changing the last part of the URL to the name of the page you like to create. If you have any questions feel free to ask in global forum. You can also find a Documentation how to use the wiki on the wiki itself. Have a look on Categories.

We are looking forward to your participation!