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Version 7.6


today we have released version 7.6 of hattrick youthclub.

With version 7.6 we release a new feature (visible on skill matrix, player attributes page and so on) called “max-max-skills” which derives the maximal possible potential (show as ≤ X.Y) of your players from the knowledge about their top3 max-skills. This information is shown in italic font style, please see the legend below the skill matrix! To get these derived values, simply wait for your next sync or sync manually to get a skill recalculation.

Before we have already released the following features:

  • We now show who got picked by ht as captain / set pieces taker during a match on the player’s attributes page, which means that the player has a relative high leadership / set pieces skill,
  • we show the total effectiveness of your training taking into account the current configured lineup on the lineup help,
  • we added web service which provides the u20 national team favorite players for senior national team trackers (right now only HT Portal Tracker does implement/use this web service),
  • we improved the relevance / usefulness calculation by taking the position / skill combination of the player into account as well (i.e. a high goalkeeping skill does not fit well with a high scoring skill), and
  • we added an option which let you show your skill matrix to anyone else by setting an access code via the “share” link on top of the skill matrix page.

We have also updated our english and german wiki (manual and detail pages) according to the latest developments in HY. We really would appreciate if others could take care on the other languages in our wiki!

We hope you like our latest features, let us know in the comments.

Thank you for using hattrick youthclub.

Ruben (Mod-Homer-Simpson) and Markus (Mackshot)

Version – NT Scouting

Hello national team / u20 coaches,
hello nt/u20 scouts and
hello all national team interested users,

during the last weeks we have worked on different topics in our national team scouting platform in hattrick youthclub.

Scouts can use hattrick youthclub to search for youth players who are candidates for the u20 or nt team. They can manage the players in favorites lists and keep track of them during their youth career. Thus they can help the owners to train the players in the best way for future fielding in nt or u20.

Scouts of  many different nations are already using hattrick youthclub to scout the players as early as possible. Some of them have contacted me and we have discussed different ideas how to improve youth player scouting in HY. Some of these ideas we already have implement and released in the last weeks:

  • character information in excel export
  • colorizing of skills known from twins
  • a table indicating the last match a player can be fielded in the u20 world cup

On the following topics we have worked lately and release them today:

  • In the past the u20 or nt coach had to define all scouts for a country. Now they can define a chief scout, who has the right to define the scouts for the country as well. With the start of each season the chief scout has to be defined again!
  • In the past the scouts were only able to work with players who are known in HY, meaning that they could only add players of users who are using HY to their favorites lists. Now they can also add players who are not managed in HY, but they have to make sure that they update the skills of the players themselves. The major advantage is, that the scouts can now manage all relevant youth players in a single list, there is no more need to merge the hy list with the manual list.
  • Additionally the scouts do now have the option to make their lists public and to show them to all managers in HT. They can configure who can access the list. HY managers who does not like that the private information of their players (skills, etc) are visible on the public lists can disable that. Of course HY managers still have the option to deny scouting access to their players at all.

We really hope that this will help the national teams with scouting in HY. If your country is not already using HY for scouting, they should definitely check it out. The importance of scouting in HY could be highlighted by the success of the nations, where many people use HY and the scouts are active, in the last u20 worldcups (

Special thanks to manager Baumschubser (chief scout of Germany) and his team (especially BAB185) for being patient enough for discussing with me over and over again the whole scouting topic.





Updates for player-skill-matrix, NT Scouting and a new statistic


we just released a new version of hattrick youthclub. Here are the major changes with this version:

  • On the player-skill-matrix you can now select how many skills you like to have shown there. Just drag the slider to the number of skill you like to have shown for every player. The idea is, that we do only show the i-best skills. If there are skills with the same level (for one player) they are sticked together and does appear/disappear at the same level.
  • Another update for the player-skill-matrix is, that you are now able to sort by the max skills. When there is no max-skill known for a certain skill and player but the is skill is knwon, we do use it instead. The reason is, that the player can reach this skill at least, therefore we should put it there at least.
  • A technical aspect, but important anyway is, that we know use the same date/time-format as hattrick uses. We hope that this feels a bit better, especially for smaller countries where there is no special language.
  • We added a statistic, which shows the top 20 teams, which got the highest number of stars in match. This statististic does only take games into account, beginning from the 29th of October 2011, because then we can be sure, that nobody can manipulate their line-ups to get on the top of the list.

For the national team scouts, we do offer two additional features to support you in scouting future U20/NT players.

  1. For players on a favorite list, who are promoted to the senior squad by the owner, we add a link to the player’s page of hattrick.
  2. As a scout you are able to add comments to every player to make it easier to take down your thoughts about the different players.
We hope you like those changes and your feedback is very welcome!

Save your line-up to at Hattrick with one click – Update 2/11


we are back with a large update for hattrick youthclub. During the last weeks we have worked on this update. The main feature is, that you can save your line-up at hattrick, which you have made on hattrick youthclub’s lineup recommendation tool.

Here is the complete list of new features:

Redesign of lineup recommendation page

  • You can transfer the lineup with one click to Hattrick (for this feature it was mandatory to re-implement the oAuth library)
  • We adapted to the the Hattrick 5-5-3 based line-up
  • Select your desired training and we colorize skills, positions and show the training effectiveness. With this support you can easier decide which training you should try or where you should place your players on the pitch!
  • We integrated all lineup recommendation options to a single page and improve usability. You can move a player by drag-n-drop or by clicking now.
Match Import
  • Thanks to the latest CHPP updates, we are now able to download a match without the need for manual adaption afterwards. You only have to set the primary and secondary training. The line-up, including all stars, player moves / swaps, substitutions, events, bookings (yellow and red) and goals are completely imported.
Other changes
  • The sort order of every page is highlighted (the icon representation the current sort order is colored red)
  • On statistics page, we added top 10 ratings based on the stars rating for the different positions on the pitch
  • For some mobile devices, mainly devices with touch screens, we had a problem with the positioning of the footer bar, we moved it to the end of the page for those devices.
  • You can now delete your complete account. All data will be lost and we are not able to restore them. When you register again, you will have a new (empty) account.
  • many smaller bug and user interface fixes
Your feedback is appreciated!
Update 2/11/2011:
We released another update, but we do not want to have a new post here, because we think the other update is more important and should be stay on top for some more days. Here are the news for Version 4.0.1.X:
  • For non-supporters it is now possible to copy & paste the lineup from the new lineup help page to Hattrick too
  • On player skill matrix, skill analysis and line help you will now find colored arrows in the box where a potential for a player in a certain skill is mentioned. Move your mouse over the arrow to get an explanation. The idea is, to show you, if would be able to get this skill maxed out, if you would focus your training on this single skill to help you do recognize players and skills, which are worthy or unworty to train!
Additional to this, we also have some Updates for our national team scouts:
  • The NT Coach / U20 Coach can add a description for every scout, therefore it is easier for the users to find the correct person to talk to.
  • Players who cannot be promoted with 17 years and 0 days, are highlighted on scouting list, bookmark lists and favorite lists
  • Scouts can take a look at the twins of players (starting from the player details page)
I hope you like those changes too!

Updates for NT Scouting

Hi NT scouts,

today we released an update especially for you. We added several functions to the nt scouting function:

  • scout by current skill level and potential
  • the specialities of the players are shown
  • you can add players to blacklist for certain scouting positions, so they are no longer shown, when you scout
  • you can sort the result list by player name, manager name, player age and days till promotion to senior squad
  • all players matching your criteria are shown (divided on several pages) [not only the top 100 results are shown]
  • scout by allrounder skill

I hope you like the new functions. If you are a NT scout for your country and still do not have scouting rights on HY, please ask your U20 or NT scouts to login on hattrick youthclub and grant the t to you!