Youth training via Foxtrick 0.12.2


Foxtrick (FT) has released a new version (0.12.2) which you definetely should check out:

When you change your youth training settings on HT, FT sends the new settings to us. Thus we can track your training changes and can offer the right training settings i.e. in match import dialog and on lineup help.

Please note, that you can not build 100% on what training type we offer to you,  when you do not have installed Foxtrick in each of your browsers or when no transmission success notice appears HT after changing the settings on HT.
We still cannot set the training on HT, thus you still have to take care yourself to set the training on HT after sending a lineup to Hattrick using our lineup help.

We hope you like it and are looking forward to your feedback. Big thanks to FT for their part of work on it and our good and inspiring cooperation.

We are glad to announce, that Foxtrick 0.13 will most probably contain another HY specific feature – stay tuned 😉 .


Player relevance / usefulness

Hello everybody,

tonight we have released a new version of hattrick youthclub (hy). Besides several smaller bug fixes and improvements we introduce a new feature in hattrick youthclub which replaces the bad player detection:

On player details page and player skill matrix we show the relevance (or player usefulness) for every player to you. The player usefulness should help you (especially the beginners!) to figure out on which player it is worthy to pay a attention. Therefor we calculate the relevance a player has right now (dark bar) and the relevance he can get at max (light bar). We take a lot of aspects into account like current skills, max skills, top3 skills, allrounder skill, twins, rejected players, speciality, age, earliest day of promotion and current skill estimations.

We hope that you’ll like this new feature and we hope that every user, but especially the beginners, will benefit from it. For more detailes about the relevance please checkout our corresponding wiki page at

Please note that the relevance rating may be empty for you now. To trigger a calculation just press the sync button on top of the page or just wait until your next match is played.

We are looking forward to your feedback,

Ruben (Mod-Homer-Simpson) and Markus (Mackshot)

Version 7 with 2nd team support

Hello hattrick youthclub users,

today we are glad to release hattrick youthclub (HY) version 7.0.

Here is a list of our major changes:

2nd team support

HY supports 2nd teams now. If you have two teams in hattrick you can manage both on HY. Just login with your regular login data. Then you will find a orange bar at the top of the page, which enables you to switch between your two teams (please note that HY supporters have to accept a notification first, explaining credit usage in 2nd teams).
The sync is separately for both teams, thus after syncing in your first team you should switch to your second team and sync there as well.
We have ran a beta test, thus we are pretty hopeful that there are no major bugs. But if you observe any strange behaviour or bug, please use the “report a bug” button on the upper right of the page and describe everything related to your observation/bug as detailed as possible.
Some users have problem, that there twins disappear. This problem occur, if you are using Firefox and Foxtrick 0.12.0. Foxtrick 0.12.0 have several problems related to second teams. Please update to Foxtrick  0.12.1 and then you just have to wait for the next twin search and all your twins will be back again.

Cleaning up of nearly unused settings

For the 2nd team integration we had to take a deep look into many old code and pages. We took the opportunity and get rid of some old nearly unused settings in hattrick youthclub. We removed…

  • the option to hide the player avatars on player overview and details pages,
  • the option to switch to the old skill order of Hattrick and
  • the option to deny newsletter reception

We removed these settings, because less than half  a percent of our users used them and thus to maintain them means more work for us as usage for the broad user base. Sorry to all who have used them 😉 , we hope you understand our decision.


In HY we have established a time-tracking tool before we have started with 2nd team integration. We started using this software mainly for two reasons: First to get a better feeling on how much time we do spend for this project and secondly to measure on which tasks we do spend most of the time to get an idea where we may could improve our routines and help pages.
Since the 2nd team support is one of the largest projects we have ever worked on in HY, we like to share our working time we have spent for this project: ~90h (including analysis, developing and testing) – a lot of time, right?
Even though we spend a lot of time 2nd team integration and on HY in general, we like to highlight, that we love to do it and that we happy to welcome every new user and of course really appreciate your donations and if you buy credits, because this really helps us to keep our motivation up and to pay our bills as well 🙂 .

Thank you for your great support and thank you for being patient and waiting for 2nd team support. We really hope that you feel that it was worth to wait for it.

Ruben (Mod-Homer-Simpson, User Support) and Markus (Mackshot, Developer)

P.S.: If there are any big problems we might have to take the site down, because we can only fix that issue when we are at home and not at work. If this is the case, you will find an update to this blog post.

2nd youth team in HY


we are back again with an update about the second teams in hattrick youthclub. Hattrick has released the updated CHPP API files for the second teams on the 2nd of May. We have analyzed the new CHPP File Structure and how it fit to our structure.

The good news: It will be possible to manage your second team in HY as well.

The bad news: The changes we have to apply to HY for managing a second team are very time expensive. Thus it will take some time until you will be able to manage your second team in hattrick youthclub. 🙁

Right now we plan to add the service for managing the second team in HY to your current account – so you will only have one account (as in HT) and you can switch between your two teams.  Thus there will be no need for a second registration. Of course we plan that you are free to decide on your own, if you manage your first, your second, both or none youth teams in HY. 😉

As said before, it will take some time until we are  done with implementing all needed changes. Please keep in mind, that we work on HY in our free-time (Homer is studying and I have a regular nine to five job), thus we cannot spend as much time on the developing work as we would like to spent. Additionally, I am still the only developer and we do not just want to implement it anyhow – we want to do it right.

So, if you like to help us with developing this page, you are very welcome to apply on our job page

We will update this blog entry with major status updates and as soon as the 2nd teams can be managed on HY, we will post a new blog entry. Please make sure that you follow this blog and spread the word about our blog!

You can be sure that we are working on it – please be patient,



UPDATE 2013-06-06:

Today we started with a closed beta test for our 2nd team support. We already invited and will invite some users, who we do know pretty good and we do trust in. We think that this closed beta test will take 2-8 weeks depending on the number of bugs they will find and how much time we do need to fix them. Afterwards we may will have an open beta test or we may will release the 2nd team support for all users.


UPDATE 2013-06-18:

The beta is running for 12 days now. It is time for a short update how the beta has gone so far. The good news is, that no major bugs occur, but our tester found a  couple of minor bugs and handed-in some suggestion for improvement. We have fixed all known bugs  and have implemented some of the suggestions as well.

What do we have to do before we can release?

  1. We want to observe how everything is going during next weekend in beta test.
  2. We have to implement one smaller function which we do need for our release.
  3. We have to investigate a possible problem related to twins, first and second team, when using Foxtrick 0.12.0. We are in contact with FT regarding that issue.

When do we plan to release? Well, this is the master question. We can say for sure, that we will not release before the mid of next week. Depending on how we progress with these three topics left and depending on possible new problems, we are not aware of right now, we may (if everything is going well) will release at the end of next week or during the first week of July. If we will not be able to release till the 5th of July we will announce it here. After release you will find a new post to this blog 😉 .

Second (youth) team


a few days ago Hattrick has announced, that Platinum Supporters can manage a second team in Hattrick. If you decide to manage a second team you will be able to open a second Youth Academy as well. Thus one question arise here: “Can we manage our second team on hattrick youthclub?”

Right now we cannot answer this question for sure, but we are willing to add an option to manage the second team in hattrick youthclub as well!
Hattrick told the CHPP developers, that they will provide access to the data of the second team via CHPP interface / api. But right now, it is undecided how this access will look and work. Therefore we cannot say whether we will be able to provide a way to manage a second youth team in hattrick youthclub and when.
Assuming that Hattrick will release the new CHPP api specifications with (global) season 52, we have to check how these changes affect hattrick youthclub and then we can decide how to implement the second team in hattrick youthclub and identify the limitations.


Ruben (Mod-Homer-Simpson) and Markus (Mackshot)

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013 to all hattrick youthclub users!

We want to take the opportunity and to say thank you for using our website and for your kind donations! We have released new version of hattrick youthclub: If you have credits on your account and have enabled the option to disable the ads, you will see a shortcut bar above our menu. Just place your favorite shortcuts there and enjoy the new speed of navigating through hattrick youthclub!

Special thanks go to all the people who supports us by translating the website, helping users with their problems and supporting us to improve hattrick youthclub. We have a small gift for them as well, so if you are a translator, checkout our internal forums 😉 !

We feel that hattrick youthclub has developed well in the last year and we still enjoy to develop this website. In the next months Homer and me has to spend more time for our further education, because both of us have to write a thesis during spring/summer.  But no need to worry about HY, you can be sure that we will find some time for smaller features and bug fixing, and when we have finished we can concentrate on bigger changes as well.

Ruben (Mod-Homer-Simpson) and Markus (Mackshot)

Current skill estimate


today we have released a new version of hattrick youthclub. In this release we introduce a new feature called current skill estimation.  Basically this feature is an improvement in usability and precision of the already existing diagnosis function.

With the help of the current skill estimation you can learn the current skill level of a skill for which Hattrick does not provide an information. This calculation is based on the stars rating your player get and the already known skills and potentials. For more information how it works, please check our wiki page .

We do only estimate the is skills for one (random) player, because the estimation is very complex and takes a lot of processor time. If we would activate it for all players, the webpage would not work any longer. But you have the option to use your Credits to activate the skill estimation for all players. Thus we are able to update our server capacities dynamically, based on the real load and thanks to your donations. We charge 50 Credits / Week (EUR 0.1 / Week) for all player skill estimation, for just one player it is free. You can activate or deactivate this feature in your settings, whenever you like. After deactivation your estimations are still shown, but only for one player new estimations are calculated and updated. Please note, that this feature is activated by default for users with Credits. Important to note here is, that we do only show an estimation where it is possible to calculate one, thus not all players will have an estimation, since not for all it is possible based on the latest data. Checkout our wiki for more information about that .

As special thank you for supporting us, this feature is completly free to use for all users who have at least one credit on their account, till Friday, the 13th of December 2012. Till then you can decide if you like to use the free variant, where only for one player current skill leves are estimated or if you like to go for the paid version, where for all players the levels are estimated.

We hope that you like it and we hope that you understand, that we cannot provide this service for free without limitations.


New Design in Version 6

Hello everybody,

Version 6 of hattrick youthclub is released. Beside several bug fixes the major change is that we have worked on a redesign of the page. We have removed the footer bar, and the left navigation bar and introduced a single top navigation bar which is similar to the one, you are familiar with from hattrick.

We are pretty sure, that some people will miss the old layout, we did first too^^, but we have several reason for this change. The most important reasons are:

  • the site is thinner and this is better for netbook and mobile phone users
  • the new navigation is way better for visual impaired users

We hope that you, after some time of getting warm with it like our new design. In the next weeks we will focus on some background tasks to do in hattrick youthclub (and of course on fixing bugs related to the new design). Afterwards we will continue our work on the topics on the to do list.

We are undecided about adding an option which allow you to set the default page which opens if you click on a menu item of the top (dark-green bar) menu. What do you think about it? Please leave a comment!

I know that many are waiting for the features which will be released in cooperation of Foxtrick. My latest information is, that Foxtrick will speed up their release cycle, so there is a good chance to use these new features soon! When they are released we will announce it here!




Update 2012/11/04 11:00 HT-Time: Now you can set in your settings the default action for the main menu items 🙂

Player Skill Development


may you have already recognized a new symbol  next to your players (after they were promoted to senior squad). When you click on this little icon you get redirected to a page, where we show you how the player has developed over his career. We have collected information about the players in the last month, so that we are able to show a nice graphs  for recent players.

Please keep in mind, that we can only see the player skills, when the player is still in your senior team or when he is on transfer market. If you have not run a sync in the right moment information could not be downloaded from HT. I hope that you can find some nice information about the skill development of your players throughout their career.


Maintenance, Foxtrick cooperation and future projects


first of all we like to announce a short hattrick youthclub downtime. We have to update our server software, thus we have to take down hattrick youthclub for a while. This downtime is scheduled for Wednesday, 10th of October from ~10 am till we have finished 😉 . Since Mackshot was on holiday during the Hattrick season break, we were not able to do these updates during the season break and decided to perform then now.

In the last month we started several cooperations with Foxtrick. We have finished our work on these cooperations now, and now we are waiting for Foxtrick to release these new functions which mainly increase usability of hattrick youthclub. In future your coach match reports will be added to hattrick youthclub automatically when you read them and rejected players are added to our database automatically as well. But both of this is still not working and as soon as Foxtrick have released a new version with those functions we will let you know.

Currently development of hattrick youthclub is a bit stucked, because Hattrick does not concentrate on new CHPP Files right now. So we are waiting for new files from them and started cooperations and worked on other tasks. One topic we might will work on in future is to give you an better overview  of your scouting history (and success). We haven’t talked about the details, but I feel it could be a nice small addition to hattrick youthclub. Besides that we are always working on smaller bug fixes and try to improve the page in details continuously.

We also want to take the opportunity to thank you for supporting us by donating or buying some credits. Thank you. This is a pretty good motivation for us!