hattrick youthclub is down!

We are very sorry, but hattrick youthclub is down since 4am this morning. Here is what we do know till now:

It started with a problem with the connection to the database server. I tried to figure out what went wrong there, but could not find a problem. Therefore i decided to restart the server, but the server did not start-up. Then i restarted the server in rescue mode to check what went wrong during starting – without success. After some test i found a problem with the memory (RAM). I created a ticket for our server host and asked him to replace the RAM with new RAM. I also asked them to check other components.

Now we are waiting for reply from their side. I have no idea, how long it will take until they have replaced RAM and i also do not know, if this is the only problem we do have… You can be sure, that we will keep you informed (here in the blog and on facebook/twitter) and that we are fighting for bringing the youthclub back soon!

Happy Holidays ūüôĀ

CHPP Manage Youth Players


Hattrick has released a CHPP update. With this update we are able to download more information from chpp as before. But we are still not able to do all the stuff automatically. Here is a short overview, what we already have done, what we will do, and what we are waiting for:

  • We have already implement the new CHPP Scope, which allows us, to download your player’s skills. With the help of this scope, we also reveal the skills of your players on Hattrick’s side. We store those information in the database to have a big set of data, which we need for the next step…
  • … in this next step, which we plan to finish till the end of december (but maybe christmas-time will not allow us to do it in time), we will use this information for supporting you in keeping all the skills up-to-date on hattrick youthclub. When this is done, we still recommend to import coach comments manually, because they does provide extra information, the chpp files will never provide.
  • Of course most of you would love to see, that we can download new players from HT too. Before this will be possible, we need additionally chpp files. As soon¬†as they are available, we will work on a way to automatically download players from HT to hattrick youthclub.
As soon there is any visible change for you, we will write a new blog post. Currently you only have to allow hattrick youthclub to use the new chpp scope “manage youth players” and wait for the next blog entry ūüėČ .
We are looking forward to new chpp files in future ūüôā ,

Updates for player-skill-matrix, NT Scouting and a new statistic


we just released a new version of hattrick youthclub. Here are the major changes with this version:

  • On the player-skill-matrix you can now select how many skills you like to have shown there. Just drag the slider to the number of skill you like to have shown for every player. The idea is, that we do only show the i-best skills. If there are skills with the same level (for one player) they are sticked together and does appear/disappear at the same level.
  • Another update for the player-skill-matrix is, that you are now able to sort by the max skills. When there is no max-skill known for a certain skill and player but the is skill is knwon, we do use it instead. The reason is, that the player can reach this skill at least, therefore we should put it there at least.
  • A technical aspect, but important anyway is, that we know use the same date/time-format as hattrick uses. We hope that this feels a bit better, especially for smaller countries where there is no special language.
  • We added a statistic, which shows the top 20 teams, which got the highest number of stars in match. This statististic does only take games into account, beginning from the 29th of October 2011, because then we can be sure, that nobody can manipulate their line-ups to get on the top of the list.

For the national team scouts, we do offer two additional features to support you in scouting future U20/NT players.

  1. For players on a favorite list, who are promoted to the senior squad by the owner, we add a link to the player’s page of hattrick.
  2. As a scout you are able to add comments to every player to make it easier to take down your thoughts about the different players.
We hope you like those changes and your feedback is very welcome!

Save your line-up to at Hattrick with one click – Update 2/11


we are back with a large update for hattrick youthclub. During the last weeks we have worked on this update. The main feature is, that you can save your line-up at hattrick, which you have made on hattrick youthclub’s lineup recommendation tool.

Here is the complete list of new features:

Redesign of lineup recommendation page

  • You can transfer the lineup with one click to Hattrick (for this feature it was mandatory¬†to re-implement the oAuth library)
  • We adapted to the the Hattrick 5-5-3 based line-up
  • Select your desired training and we colorize skills, positions and show the training effectiveness. With this support you can easier decide which training you should try or where you should place your players on the pitch!
  • We integrated all lineup recommendation options to a single page and improve usability. You can move a player by drag-n-drop or by clicking now.
Match Import
  • Thanks to the latest CHPP updates, we are now able to download a match without the need for manual adaption afterwards. You only have to set the primary and secondary training. The line-up, including all stars, player moves / swaps, substitutions, events, bookings (yellow and red) and goals are completely imported.
Other changes
  • The sort order of every page is highlighted (the icon representation the current sort order is colored red)
  • On statistics page, we added top 10 ratings based on the stars rating for the different positions on the pitch
  • For some mobile devices, mainly devices with touch screens, we had a problem with the positioning of the footer bar, we moved it to the end of the page for those devices.
  • You can now delete your complete account. All data will be lost and we are not able to restore them. When you register again, you will have a new (empty) account.
  • many smaller bug and user interface fixes
Your feedback is appreciated!
Update 2/11/2011:
We released another update, but we do not want to have a new post here, because we think the other update is more important and should be stay on top for some more days. Here are the news for Version 4.0.1.X:
  • For non-supporters it is now possible to copy & paste the lineup from the new lineup help page to Hattrick too
  • On player skill matrix, skill analysis and line help you will now find colored arrows in the box where a potential for a player in a certain skill is mentioned. Move your mouse over the arrow to get an explanation. The idea is, to show you, if would be able to get this skill maxed out, if you would focus your training on this single skill to help you do recognize players and skills, which are worthy or unworty to train!
Additional to this, we also have some Updates for our national team scouts:
  • The NT Coach / U20 Coach can add a description for every scout, therefore it is easier for the users to find the correct person to talk to.
  • Players who cannot be promoted with 17 years and 0 days, are highlighted on scouting list, bookmark lists and favorite lists
  • Scouts can take a look at the twins of players (starting from the player details page)
I hope you like those changes too!

And the winners are…

The winners of the Women’s World Cup 2011 Betting Game are:

  1. Dorie_tries_soccer Germany
  2. Mravenec Czech Republic
  3. Lolly_shock Germany
  4. isitworthy Portugal
  5. hainss Germany
  6. DariVTR Argentina
  7. jonas4656Switzerland
  8. anthonynho France
  9. britrock USA
  10. Xipho Germany

We hope you had some fun with betting and like to congratulate all winners. Dorie_tries_soccer already got her 3 month supportership in Hattrick and we added the won credits to your accounts.

Thank you for participating.

Copy Lineup to HT and a lot of background stuff


with this new version we like to invite you to use our lineup help page more often. Therefore we created a new very useful tool for it. When you set up your lineup on the lineup help page, you can use the button “Copy lineup to HT” to copy the lineup to a youth match on Hattrick’s page. We feel, that this is very useful and hope that it will increase the usage of the lineup help in future. I like to highlight the “I am the coach” option, because there you can set up the lineup based on your preferences, and you do have an overview on all skills and ratings of all players. I personally think it is very useful, you may have to be get familiar with using it first. Please note, that you cannot set if your player should play eg in left inner midfield or right one for historical reasons. When you think, that we should add those flexibility there, please let us know, and we will put on to-do and will change it with a future release.

Currently we are not deploying too many visible changes for the users. But we are working very intensive on changes for hattrick youthclub. Here are some of the changes you do not see, but which costs time too:


  • … improved our error detection system and can get rid of some errors, which are not reported too (but please still report a bug with as many as possible information, when there is one for you)
  • … worked on securing the site against hacker attacks. This is a ongoing, never-ending, process, i guess.
  • … redesigned the oAuth interface, which is used to fetch your data from Hattrick Servers. With this changes we are more flexible in error handling.
  • … added a caching infrastructure for chpp files. With this chpp file cache, we will be able to reduce the files we have to load from Hattrick Servers and can load other files more often, which will be used in future updates of our page.
  • … are working on preparations for new functions, which needs different technical prerequisites.

Additionally to those changes, we continuously fix bugs.

Have a nice week and good luck at World Cup Betting Game!


Highlight bad player and support us using flattr


today we released another hattrick youthclub version. In this version we, next to several internal and security fixed, two major updates:

– highlighting of bad players: Based on the potentials of top3-skills of your players we mark bad players. What is a bad player? We denote a player as ‘bad’, when the potentials combination of the top3-skills are worse¬†then 5, 5 and 4. Bad players are marked using this sign¬†. Please note, that this marker is only calculated for players who take place in a match you will sync from now on.

– flattr: flattr is a social micropayment service. Some of you may noticed, that we added it to our wiki some weeks ago, and now we also inserted a flattr button to other sites. With flattr you can give us a very small amount of money, when you like our site. For example, you could press the flattr button every time you use one of our calculators (trainingsspeed or injury) to donate this smart service. Your donations are very appreciated, but please keep in mind, that you do not have to pay for our service, if you do not like too. For more information about flattr, please checkout their webpage https://flattr.com/ (it is definitely worth to have a look – a great service in my opinion!) .



Code improvements and NT Scouting


we hadn’t released an update in the last weeks, because we worked on two bigger updates. Let me start with the update, most people will not see, but everybody will profit from:

  • I spend a lot of work on code improvements and refactoring. Since hattrick youthclub started as a small project for managing Homer’s and mine players, it was never be created for having that much users. Therefore I started with taking hattrick youthclub to the next code-level, which means that i cleaned up thousand lines of code and finally moved more than 7000 lines of codes to new files. As a user you do not see this chances, but you can be sure, that this¬† changes were neccessary to keep the loading times of hattick youthclub low. This changes are also positive, in case we will find a co-developer, because understanding the code is easier now ūüôā

We also worked on a big update for the national team scouts. The NT-Scouting is a feature we provide to all national team scouts around the HT world to find good and young players. To improve this scouting we implemented the followint changes:

  • It is now possible to see all skills (current and max) on your bookmarks and blacklists
  • Scouts can export their favorite lists into CSV, XLS or XLSX files
  • We added a scouting history including information, where a scout can see, who added or removed a player on which bookmark list or blacklist
  • In the past there were a bookmark list for every position on the pitch, now scouts can also create individual bookmark
  • It is possible to search by a range of age
  • Scouts do not longer have to set a position and a stars rating for that position to enable scouting
  • Every country can define individual search masks and save those, to make scouting faster
  • We added several options to sort a list
  • It is possible to move a player from one list to another, no matter if it is a bookmark list or blacklist
  • The owner of players, who are on a bookmark list get the national flag icon now on matrices too

After spending a lot of time in code performance and nt scouting, next we will focus on stuff, which is useful for everybody. I guess there are a lot of interesting things on our to-do list and we already picked the next task. We are sure, that the next task is something, you will really like :).





today we released another updates for twins. This time we did not improve the twin recognition, we worked on the usability. Here are the three major changes:

  • On player attributes page you can see the skills you know, thanks to the fact, that your player has a twin for every player marked as twin. Additionally we show you the known top-3 skills of the twins too.
  • When you look on skill matrix or any other page, where you can see player skills (except player attributes page), you will recognize that we highlight skills in a slight blue color, which you know thanks to twins!
  • The third improvement is the biggest and most important one. When you have player with at least one possible twin, and you click on the twin-icon you will see the completely redesigned twin selection page. Now it is also possible to mark a twin as non-Twin. This helps you to keep a better control on your twins, because the twin-icon does indicate this setting and you always know, if there is something left do (the icon is greyed out) or not.

For more information about twins in hattrick youthclub, please read on here!

Do you already follow us on twitter? Checkout @htyouthclub.

We also have a Facebook-Page!



New Login (oAuth) CHPP 2.0


Hattrick announced CHPP 2.0 in their editorial in November 2010. With CHPP 2.0 Hattrick promised to spend more time on developing CHPP and introduced a new login system. CHPP is the third-party developer platform of Hattrick. Developer can request a license and create third-party applications, which have access to Hattrick resources. With CHPP Hattrick wants to ensure, that only good/trustful developers get access to your data. The aim is to have third-party applications, which are a good addition to Hattrick and increases the users fun of the game.

oAuth is the new login system. With oAuth you, the user, have more power to control what an application is allowed to do or not. In the past, you could only login to an application and the application could access all data available. New is, that you can restrict this access now. If the application wants to manage your challenges for you, it has to ask you for the permission. This different levels of rights for applications, will (hopefully) lead to more interactive CHPP applications, when Hattrick will develop more different access levels to the CHPP interface.
With oAuth the security code does no longer exist. The new login system works the following way. When you register with us, you have to select a user name and a password. Those data are independent from any data you have chosen on Hattrick. Then we redirect you to Hattrick, where you have to log in to grant permission to us to access your data. Hattrick will redirect you back to hattrick youthclub and you have registered successfully with us and got already logged in. If you already have an hattrick youthclub account, you have to register again. When you registration is completed, your old data is transferred automatically to you new account! Please keep in mind, that you have to login with your hattrick youthclub user name and password you chose during registration, Hattrick’s login name and security code will no longer work!

CHPP 2.0 is next to the new login system a promise by Hattrick to develop the CHPP interface with a higher speed. Therefore we can hope for more CHPP functionality for Youth Academies in the future. In the last weeks/months Hattrick started updating and improving existing CHPP resources. I think we can be optimistic to see CHPP resources for Youth in future, but i do not like to make any assumptations how long we have to wait for it.

We decided to switch to the new login system now. Hattrick will take off the old login system (with security code) in June 2011. We liked to switch to the new login system this early, because we like to benefit from future CHPP changes, which may only be provided for oAuth login.

When you register with us you have to accept a disclaimer. You are maybe worried about that, because you had not to do so earlier. Well to be honest, with respect to german laws (we are located in Germany!) we have to add a disclaimer to our webpage, to avoid problems. So please do not worry about the disclaimer, it is only to avoid problems with german law. There are no other reasons!
I am looking forward to the upcoming changes in CHPP by Hattrick in the next month, and i am really hoping, that we made the switch to the new system as easy as possible for you!